Finished my oil painting...

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This is 5 feet by 4 feet... painting in oil...


Its of the city I am from....

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Wow that is amazing!

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j/k it's pretty impressive!

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such talent

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Wow man this is absolutely amazing. I bow to your talent.

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thanks guys... phone pic isnt 100% straight.... just noticed that..

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Very nice. My favorite part are your clouds. Followed closely by your color palette. Any other works available for viewing? Cheers.

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Something else I am working on

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@danlevm said:

Needs Godrays and lensflare. Also, crank up the AF, though the AA seems decent.

j/k that's awesome. My stick figures are disproportionate so I'm truly jealous.

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Very beautiful. Just looking at it makes me wanna visit the location.

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Man that's pretty freaking great. You should sell this stuff.

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you got some talent

got any nudes?

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Very impressive.

You go girl.

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That's really great. Nice colors, good composition, and lots of nice detail.

I hope you painted this BIG. With all the stuff going on, this looks like it's just begging to be a big painting that the viewer can get immersed in.

EDIT: A just saw 5 feet by 4 feet. Wise decision.

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That is amazing. Look at those clouds! I'm more of a drawer than a painter (and I'm more of a writer than a drawer XD) but I love your work. Please keep sharing with us; I'll be sure to keep an eye out for more of your work =)

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That is very beautiful. Well done!

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Very nice.

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That's awesome. Please post more of these in the future!

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@Trail_Mix said:

Very beautiful. Just looking at it makes me wanna visit the location.

Ditto. Beautiful, excellent work! :)

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This I started recently, just the very beginning... Its 6 feet long 4 feet tall.....

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That is magnificent, what talent.

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if it was 1080p I would of been impressed.

@danlevm said:

This I started recently, just the very beginning... Its 6 feet long 4 feet tall.....

these last two have major texture pop-in going on.

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"these last two have major texture pop-in going on." made me laugh!

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And while I hate the hell out of it when I hear people say that they can't paint or can't draw (you can't because you haven't worked at it enough), this is one of the main reasons why I really DON'T paint or draw (in any serious capacity).

I'm not only a control freak, but I'm also IMPATIENT. So I'm more of a photography guy, and my impatience has increasingly driven me into more studio-driven settings where I have more control and don't have to wait for the proper light (if possible, I'd rather just MAKE IT instead of waiting for the sun to make it).

So yeah...I have the utmost respect for serious drawers and painters. If nothing else, I seriosuly just admire their PATIENCE. Their dedication to a single piece over such a large period of time. I don't have the discipline for that shit. By comparison, I've got ADD. If I'm working on a single photo for more than a week, I say, "fuck it" and move onto something else.

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It really is all about patience. I want to take a course in photography one day... I take all of my own pictures usually for my paintings.... but they could be better...

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That sure is purty.

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Holy crap you are good. You paint professionally I take it?

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Dude, you're like mad talented.

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Thanks guys... Ya I sell them mostly...

Going to update that downtown painting tomorrow...

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Phenomenal talent! :D

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Very good art you posted! I really like how you painted the buildings, now if I only I was good at painting. I'm pretty bad at it honestly. I stick to drawing.