Favourite type of T.V. shows?

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I like investigative reporting. It's pretty much the only type of T.V. I watch anymore.

I'd have to say To Catch A Predator would be my favourite show of all time. I find Chris Hansen to be very funny.

48 hours is a close second

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Science documentaries, followed by history documentaries.

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I like animated shows but like the occasional drama, political thriller, and/or action show like Jericho or the Walking Dead.

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I like ones with quality writing, interesting characters, and good story-lines.

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Animated comedies, animated action adventure, and drama are my big three genres of stuff I watch.

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Don't really have a "type", if genre is what you mean. I just like good shows.

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The Simpsons

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Cartoons are good.

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  • Cartoons, specially old ones like Batman AS, Simpsons (like the first 10 seasons). But also Family Guy.
  • Comedies: Fresh Prince, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens.
  • Documentaries, specially the historical kind.
  • Series: From Law and Order to 24 to The Sopranos.
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@thegerg said:

I like ones with quality writing, interesting characters, and good story-lines.

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Sci-fi such as star trek, firefly

Action super heroes such as Arrow, accent's of shield, Batman Adam west.

UFO/Aliens/science documentary's and shows

Cartoons such as futurama, Simpsons and south park

Sitcoms such as the big bang theory, fresh prince, how I met you mother

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i tend to like comedy more than other genres. I also like dramas.

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Car shows, how to fix, auctions, pricing info, specs, new car parts, anything with cars. Then comes comedy shows, like Tim Allen, and Sons of Anarchy and stuff. As for movies, its a whole different direction, but thats not whats asked here. Cheers !

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Comedies, South Park, It's Always Sunny, Bob's Burgers