Favourite part of cake

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Posted by iampenguin (396 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Favourite part of cake (34 votes)

The Icing 26%
The mushy part 18%
The batter 9%
All of it 35%

Honestly I love cake batter When my girlfriend makes chocolate cake I take a spoon and scape as much batter left in the mixing bowl as I can. And since I've discovered it I don't even eat the rest of the cake.

#1 Posted by Lone_Wolf_Lance (124 posts) -

Where's "The lie" option?

#2 Posted by ssvegeta555 (2293 posts) -

Icing. I love the stuff, especially if it's chocolate. Great, now I'm craving cake, thanks... >.>

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Easily the icing. I wouldn't eat cake without that.

#5 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

The ice cream if it has it. Otherwise, none of it.

#6 Posted by KiIIyou (27157 posts) -

The inside part, but without a lil icing mixed in it isnt that special, that's why i like the layered ones with the frosting inbetween the layers, that's just the right amount.

#7 Posted by thegerg (16252 posts) -

What it "the mushy part"?

#8 Posted by megagene (23037 posts) -

The bready part. As long as it isn't too sweet. I generally can't stand icing as it tends to be like eating pure sugar.

#9 Posted by Renevent42 (5829 posts) -

The farts.

#10 Posted by Jd1680a (5956 posts) -

I like the center icing.

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@Renevent42 said:

The farts.

nice one mate

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I always loved the frosting. If my Ma had any left she would freeze it and I would eventually go to the freezer, get the container out and eat it frozen right from the container. Sometimes it didn't make it to the freezer as I would be there to grab the bowl even before she was done.

#13 Posted by hippiesanta (10012 posts) -

the candies on icing

#14 Posted by GoogleAndroid (153 posts) -

The icing.

#15 Posted by LostProphetFLCL (17790 posts) -

The bass is pretty damn awesome!

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The batter.

#18 Posted by CommandoAgent (842 posts) -

Where is the water option?

#19 Posted by kemar7856 (11523 posts) -

I hate really sweet icing like on birthday cakes from the grocery store whenever I eat it its like I have to drink 2l of water right after

#20 Posted by Brain_Duster (473 posts) -

Anything but the icing.

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The crust at the bottom which builds the cake

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@thegerg said:

What it "the mushy part"?

I assume the sponge?

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@lone_wolf_lance said:

Where's "The lie" option?



#24 Posted by Big_Pecks (5669 posts) -

Icing to a point where I'll eat it out of the container.

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The crust or the hard stuff around the edge. I always claim the corner pieces. People think I'm weird.

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Remember, cheesecake is not cake.

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All of it...I like all of the cake. :D

#28 Posted by Flubbbs (3758 posts) -

a little bit of icing is good but i like tasting the bread part the most, not just slathered in icing