Favorite Director/Actor Team Ups?

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I was just curious what you Gamespot users out there thought were you're favorite director/actor compilation?. Mine would have to be David Fincher and Brad Pitt, Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Dicaprio,Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. I also liked when Martin Scorsese use to team up with Robert Deniro, and when Alfred Hitchcock would team up with Carry Grant.

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John Woo and Chow Yun Fat

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Ridley Scott/Russel Crowe

Tarantino/Uma Thurman

Martin Scorsese/ Robert Deniro

Spielberg/Harrison Ford

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Luchino Visconti-Alain Delon


Martin Scorsese-Robert DeNiro,Joe Pesci

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Gosh so many..

  • Kinji Fukasaku / Bunta Sugawara
  • Josef von Sterberg / Marlene Dietrich
  • G.W. Pabst / Louise Brooks
  • Jacques Rivette / Bulle Ojier
  • R.W. Fassbinder / Hanna Schygulla
  • Jean-luc Godard / Anna Karina
  • John Cassavetes / Gena Rowlands
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R.W. Fassbinder/ Gottfried John

Whit Stillman/Chris Eigeman

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Scorsese thought DiCaprio was the next DeNiro but Leo ain't no DeNiro. Still:

Scorsese/DeNiro, Pecsi


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Off the top of my head, Wong Kar-wai & Tony Leung Chiu-Wai

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Antonioni and Vitti.

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Martin Scorsese and Robert Dinero & Joe Pesci. Hard to beat that combo.