Family Guy: Life of Brian Discussion (Major Spoilers)

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So, I finally got around to watching the latest episode of Family Guy. I've not watched it in a long time, but was told I should watch it as Brian was my favorite character from the very beginning.

I have to say, I was shocked, sure Family Guy has killed off characters before, but they where always ones you never saw anyway, Brian was critical to the majority of the stories, and one of the few characters who still remained entertaining despite the rest of the show becoming utter trash.

I also felt it was done in a way that was disrespectful to his fans, Kind of a "shut up and accept it" approach that, to be honest, should be expected from Seth MacFarlane, within "Life of Brian", Brian's seen for a total of what, 5 minutes of the episode, then dies in, surprising, a reasonably touching death scene (by Family Guy standards), but then two minutes after his death there getting a new Dog and everyone but Stewie forgets Brian even existed. They could have at least given Brian some more focus on his last episode, but we see more of there new dog than we do of him.

I've got to be honest, I stopped watching Family Guy a while back, but I'd still catch the odd episode now and then and would always look out for Brian & Stewie's roadtrip episodes as they where some of the best, even in later seasons, but if I hadn't stopped before, this would be it for me with the show, there is a lot wrong with Family Guy, and killing one of the few interesting characters (and one of the only two characters who's personality is more than just "dur, fart jokes are fun") is not the way to fix it.

Anyway, what did you think of Life of Brian?

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Don't really care. Can't remember the last time Family Guy made me laugh. I don't really suspect a character dying in a show like Family Guy would impact me very much...

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i dont like the new dog. something about him, he seems like a jackass.

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This whole thing just screams ratings stunt. Supposedly there are some episodes later this season that are supposed to feature Brianas aprt of the main plotlines.

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I have a feeling the show jumped the shark years ago (it was never the same after they came back after the first cancellation), but now it's just sealed the deal. Killing off a major character just reeks of desperation for an increase is viewership.

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Yeah, for killing off Brian they kinda just brushed over it. They could've at least made it an hour long episode with some like flashbacks or something. I don't know.

Oh well, I'm kinda done with Family Guy anyway. I only bother watching American Dad now, as it still manages to get a chuckle out of me every so often, but even that show's on an incline.

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goodbye cousin

doggie heavin

much sad


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Family Guy sucks dildos.

But Brian was a likable character. Sad to seem him to die but worse, see how the episode just didn't give a damn about him.

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Brian can't die that's less Macfarlane

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Totally trolling y'all. I can't believe people aren't considering that he's gonna come back eventually. This is a show where a man fights against a giant chicken for 5 minutes, not exactly Game of Thrones storytelling.

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@spike6958 said:
but then two minutes after his death there getting a new Dog and everyone but Stewie forgets Brian even existed.

Unfortunately that's pretty much what a lot of people do with a family pet.

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The thing about Family Guy is that it started out making fun of everything and being funny as hell but after a few seasons Seth MacFarlane turned it into an animated showcase of his views on politics and religion. It kind of took some of the humor out of it, although I still watched it for the occasional laugh.

According to a story I read a few days ago the man voicing the new dog voiced six episodes. In my opinion, Fox is going to feel it out to see how the fans take Brian's death over the next few weeks and if ratings drop too much they will just have Stewie rebuild his time machine and save him.

I know they made an excuse on why Stewie couldn't rebuild it after Brian first died (his supplier could no longer get a part he needed) but considering the show claimed he caused the Big Bang they can always make something up.

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They'll find someway to bring him back in the future.

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Everyone knows they can bring him back, they point is he shouldn't had died in the first place.

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I have great news. Fox heard our petitions, and now Brian is back! Yay!

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@angeldeb82 said:

I have great news. Fox heard our petitions, and now Brian is back! Yay!

im fairly certain we had nothing to do with bringing Brian back.

this was most likely how the season was scripted from the start.

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@angeldeb82 said:

I have great news. Fox heard our petitions, and now Brian is back! Yay!

If you want to talk about this, you can go ahead and make an new thread, instead of bumping one that's almost three weeks old.

But like Konvict said, regarding Brian's "return"... this show isn't like South Park, where it's written and made within week of its air date; this episode was entirely scripted and produced almost a year in advance--his "death" was nothing more than a cheap stunt to boost ratings. The petition didn't have any effect at all, I'm afraid.