Face vs Body - Which is more important?

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Posted by HipHopBeats (2718 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: Face vs Body - Which is more important? (47 votes)

Beautiful, alluring face with a 'so-so' to 'oh no' body 62%
Hot, banging ass body with a 'turn off the lights or paperbag it' type face 26%
I'm a party pooper searching for that 'inner beauty' 13%

Based on looks alone, who would you get with?

#1 Posted by Shottayouth13- (6862 posts) -

I'd rather an 'average' face with an above average body.

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I think I'd be okay with just a pretty face as long as her body is 'so-so' and not 'oh no'.

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I don't believe in inner beauty .......... because that word designed for ugly people to feel better about themself

#4 Posted by Gaming-Planet (14360 posts) -

Body for sex

Face for making out

#5 Posted by TAMKFan (32927 posts) -

Pretty hard to decide on this. Both are pretty important to me.

#6 Edited by helwa1988 (2123 posts) -

face is more important. as long as the guy isn't fat i don't care how his body looks.

#7 Edited by VaguelyTagged (10349 posts) -

i don't put much values on facial beauty since it's mostly "god given" and everything. on the other hand, body , at least to an extent is something one has had to put effort on it to keep in shape. so yeah, body means more to me.

#8 Posted by johnd13 (8213 posts) -

How about some pics TC?

#9 Posted by one_plum (6364 posts) -

I'd think if I was in a long-term relationship I'd be staring at her face more often than her body, so face.

#10 Edited by YoshiYogurt (5987 posts) -

An ugly face can ruin the whole thing.

#11 Edited by sammyjenkis898 (28281 posts) -

Face. The body has to be nice, though.

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#14 Posted by Ace6301 (21389 posts) -

I'd take a girl with an average body and nice looking face over a girl with a really nice body and a meh face. Bodies are also easier to change than a face, though generally the better the body the better the face since fat on the face can make even a really pretty girl look worse. It's important to note the same goes for guys, working out improves your looks in general (unless you're using, then it doesn't usually).

#15 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (17335 posts) -

I'll take the face. The body can easily be altered by exercise or working out. No such thing with the face. You're stuck with whatever mug shot you have unless you have the moolah to alter it.

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#17 Posted by LittleMac19 (1638 posts) -

Body, a paper bag and a light switch can fix a bad face.

#18 Posted by Blue-Sky (10346 posts) -

Face is only for showing off.

#19 Posted by Big_Pecks (5597 posts) -

Face is for first impressions and what I'll look at most.

#20 Posted by Tezcatlipoca666 (7241 posts) -

A hot body is no good without a beautiful face. A beautiful face on an average body is better than the other way around.

#21 Posted by destinhpark (4756 posts) -

It's a tough one, but you know, you're going to be looking your girlfriend/boyfriend in the face all the time, and it needs to not be revolting for it to work. So face. Provided the body is still decent.

#22 Edited by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -

Definitely face.

#23 Edited by Crunchy_Nuts (2749 posts) -

If it's just for the sex a hot body would be ideal, otherwise nice face + ok body > ugly face + nice body

#24 Posted by AgentA-Mi6 (16309 posts) -

Face. No debate.

#25 Posted by Cynical_Buzzard (226 posts) -

Body over face, there's a pillow for the face.

#26 Edited by bobaban (10560 posts) -

@Tezcatlipoca666 said:

A hot body is no good without a beautiful face. A beautiful face on an average body is better than the other way around.

Agree. People saying that's what a paper bag is for obviously don't get laid. Good luck trying to get the girl wear that.

#27 Posted by FinalFighters (1906 posts) -

Nice to see so many shallow people here...

Anyways for me its inner beauty (ala personality)

#28 Posted by tocool340 (20660 posts) -

Ummm....a balance of both? If I had to really choose between the two, definitely face. At least a pretty face can work on her body.. A sexy body with an ass for a face can never be fixed without surgery...

#29 Edited by Jimn_tonic (913 posts) -

Facial symmetry and bio-metrics are a bitch to choose between.

i think every one would go for personality in terms of long term relationships.

bitchy women are good for little more than a one night stand..and then they wonder why men treat them like garbage.

#30 Posted by Qixote (10786 posts) -

Can't I get all 3? Face, body, and inner beauty?

And throw in # 4 for intelligence also.

#31 Posted by ChiefvsGordon (1085 posts) -
@AgentA-Mi6 said:

Face. No debate.


#32 Posted by drekula2 (2968 posts) -

Face. Honestly, I'm not too picky about the body as long as she isn't deathly skinny or morbidly obese.

#33 Posted by mojoreb (28 posts) -

This is hard. I have to go with the beautiful face

#34 Posted by foxhound_fox (90605 posts) -

Personality. At least in regards to a long-term relationship. Everything is going to get old and saggy and wrinkly one day. Personality only improves.

#35 Posted by HipHopBeats (2718 posts) -

@johnd13 said:

How about some pics TC?

Lol, I do fine with the ladies in the real world. This thread is based off a recent conversation.

#36 Posted by Kats_RK (2080 posts) -

All I need is a pretty face.

#37 Edited by Blueresident87 (5340 posts) -

Face but the body has to be appealing too

I chose the 3rd option, though

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I have got to go with face,unless she is 300/400 pounds.

#39 Posted by Tqricardinho (434 posts) -

I prefer a pretty face than a pretty body. But I don't like fat girls even if they're pretty.

Skinny girls or hot girls for me. Wouldn't mind having a pretty skinny girl, but to be perfect I would like a pretty and hot one, but I'm not too picky.

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It's all about them thigh-high socks, man.

Awwwwwww yeeeeeeeeah

#41 Posted by Legend500 (149 posts) -

Body for one night stands

Face for relationship

#42 Posted by comp_atkins (31971 posts) -

bodies fall apart, faces last much longer

#43 Posted by MakeMeaSammitch (4550 posts) -

nice body with an ok face.