Evangelion 3.0 review Third Time Is (Not) the charm

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As evangelion 3.0 lured closer with each passing day me and all my friends were ecstatic. The trailer for the third film was looking great


. It may have only been 35 seconds long but it was filled with potential and promise. We were informed that Both Shinji and Rei were stuck inside of the evangelion. Tokyo 3 had been turned to rubble and an aircraft carrier was to be the new base of operations. Also the trailer ends showing the nearly Dead Asuka now completely healthy only with an eye patch to cover a scar on her left eye (Just a little bit of fan service for those who remember that her left eye was gouged out in End Of EVA) The trailer looked promising. A now more confident and emotionally stable Shinji filled the shoes of the winey brat that we all knew from the previous films. Best of all at the end of the trailer we are promised fanservive, and Asuka being able to smile not out of pride or spite, but out of sheer happiness. Something that we rarely ever see from her. Then on October 10th 2013 I finally saw the movie at comic con and all I can say is, THIS MOVIE IS A FUCKING DISSASTER.

Did you like how In the previous two entries Rei, Shinji, and Asuka were more expressive with themselves and how they're interaction furthered the plot? Or how about the fact that Gendo the token Abusive father / Manipulative villain was showing (However brief) some signs of concern for his son? Perhaps you liked the fact that Shinji was now confident enough in himself to engage in conversations with someone of the opposite sex, and how the writers still managed to keep it on a plutonic level? Did you like how it showed that the Mysterious Mari was going to have a bit of explanation about herself and a possible backstory?

But most importantly did the last trailer you saw at the end of EVA 2.0 get you really excited with all the characters and the possibility of a love/betrayal sub plot just like in the original series, or about how much more we were going to be shown about the world of evangelion outside of Tokyo 3?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes than FUCK YOU. This movie has none of the things that were promised in that trailer. That trailer was worked on by Studio Khara and then somewhere through the production process Hideki Anno and some other executives at Gainax just came Goose Stomping into their office and demanded that they scrap the project that they had been working on. At least that's the only explanation I can think of as to how we got the absolute disaster known as Eva 3.0.

Every single thing that we came to like from the first two films was completely forgotten or killed.

The film starts off with a context less battle scene in space featuring Asuka and the now chirpy as a bird Mari, who plays the role of Robin to Asuka's constant menstruating foul mouthed Batman. The two of them retrieve an Evangelion from space that happens to be the one Shinji was in at the end of the last movie. How did his Eva get into space in the first place? You don't know it's never explained. After retrieving it they have Shinji on a stretcher and immediately wheel him into a flying battleship that is being piloted by his surrogate mother Misato. Only now she looks a bit older and has absolutely nothing but contempt for him. Turns out 3rd impact occurred during the last movie which in turn nearly wiped out the human race yet most of the main characters are still alive, and 14 years have gone by since the end of the last film.

However none of the evangelion pilots seemed to have aged due to plot convenience, (And the fact that it's easier to sell action figures of teenagers piloting robots then adults) despite such an important thing such as a time skip has occurred we as the audience are told almost nothing about it until about an hour into the movie.

Shinji is given a collar around his neck that he is told will blow up and kill him if he ever gets into an evangelion again, despite them telling him that his recent readings indicate that his piloting capabilities are null due to the fact that his synch ratio is at 0%.

He is given the cold shoulder by everyone who works at this new organization called Wille, Or Ville according to its German name. An organization that has been created to stop Nerve and keep them from initiating fourth impact, something that would destroy whatever is left of humanity. The setup is okay, but their is almost no character development whatsoever. None of the characters really ever try to communicate with Shinji and the one new character who might have been interesting Toji's Sister Sakura Suzahara is given almost no screen time whatsoever. She is the only one of the five new characters at the start of this film who the animators even bothered to let walk around. She explains to him the circumstances and shows some compassion to him, but after barely a minute of screen time the movie forgets about her, and she just walks off. I didn't understand. If she was alive and treated him with respect then were was here brother or Kensuke or Hikari, or any of the characters from the previous film? Why is it that the only people who seemed to have survived this apocalypse were the ones who were necessary to further the (Stupid) plot?

We are then told that Shinji's efforts were a waste and that Rei from the previous film is dead. With everybody absolutely livid at Shinji for reasons to him yet unknown. He is then greeted by Asuka Who's initial reaction is to punch him in the face. Mari is almost nowhere in this movie except during more context less action scenes, and almost all the characters that we've come to love have changed personalities for the worse. But we don't have much time to learn about this new world, because we have yet again another action scene with no context. An Eva manages to break the hull of the flying battle ship that shinji is held on and grabs tells him to get on board. naturally he does, but Misato has the trigger for the bomb around his neck. We can see her wanting to activate it, but she pauses just long enough for him to be out of reach. This is the ONLY time in the film when some sense of genuine emotion is displayed through actions.

From here on out we are treated to nothing more, than a badly shaped CGI shitfest. When Arriving at Nerve Headquarters we see that it is nothing but a dilapidated building with no security whatsoever. How are they in any sense of the word a threat to mankind? Ville has a gigantic flying battleship, and they are armed to the teeth with two evangelions' and truck loads of Supplies. Nerve is nothing but a dilapidated old building, and other then Rei's Eva we have seen nothing from Nerve that constitutes as a threat. Are you telling me that 1 fourteen year old girl in a giant robot is powerful enough to hold back two fourteen year old girls in giant robots and an entire armada? Anyway after It is reviled that Rei is still alive, she now seems to be extremely void of any personality, even more so then in the original series. Shinji then explores Nerve and meets a new kid his age, who we have seen in the previous 2 films Kawou Nagisa. The two bond through music, while Kawou seductively whispers things into Shinji's ear. Then it becomes apparent that this movie wasn't made for the fans of the first two movies or the original series. It's made for Yaoi fangirls to scream KAWAI OH MY GAWD LOOK AT THE YAOI. Seriously at comic con all I heard the girls talk about was Yaoi this and Yaoi that. We get it Kawou is gay, and he likes to play piano what does any of this have to do with the plot? Besides I thought Shinji's favorite instrument was the cello. Anyway we are then told in the most underplayed emotionless way that Rei is a clone of Shinji's mother, and that the Rei he saved 14 years ago really did die. We are also finally shown the reason why everybody seems to hate Shinji. He is somehow responsible for the cause of third impact (Or near third impact. They keep changing it from 3rd impact to near 3rd impact, this might have had something to do with the English Dubbing, as Funimation fucks up everything they touch except for Dragon Ball Z, still it does get confusing) And that him wanting to save Rei caused this.

The merging of Rei's soul with someone else's caused this and now everyone blames him. Sure blame the Fourteen year old who was only doing his job saving your asses. I keep having to remind myself that if it weren't for shinji stopping all the other angels from reaching terminal dogma in the first place that they would have initiated 3rd impact anyway and completely destroyed the human race as a whole. I seem to be the only person who is smart enough to remember this because everyone else completely forgot. On top of that Misato was the one who was egging him on to save Rei at the end of the last film, but now despite this fact everyone blames Shinji. Now I don't want you to think that my only problems with this film are its plot holes, though there are many and obvious.

No this films biggest flaw is that it pulled a Jar Jar Binks on itself. Just Like George Lucas Hideki Anno thinks that he can just shove in random plot devises and characters, and a movie will be good. George Lucas once said "

A special effect is a tool, a means of telling a story. A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.

The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.

The script is what you've dreamed up-this is what it should be. The film is what you end up with.

I am simply trying to struggle through life; trying to do God's bidding."

Well that was what he thought back then and look at him now. Phantom Menace , Attack of the clones, Revenge of the Sith, That shitty CGI Clone Wars movie.

Hideki Anno has taken the same route. It's clear that he has no idea what he is doing and that he just wants to shove in as much CGI Shit into to the film as possible to make I appeal to the dum dum croud. And it works. If the box office numbers say so then why should he care about quality? Eva 3.0 has grossed over $54million in japan alone, and is expected to hit theaters stateside by January 10th 2014.

I feel bad for studio Khara, They're a medium sized animation studio, and I can really tell that they wanted to do their best with this. But when someone outsources their work to you that means that they have complete creative control over what you do and arguing back can get you fired. From what I heard 4 of the 6 people who worked on the story board for EVA 2.0 Quite once they were told that Anno wanted to do something completely different with 3.0, and I commend them for that. It must suck to be such a small studio. They have great ideas and a lot of people really want to support them, but the only way that they can make money is by taking it in the rear from some Jap Rat Bastard (In this Case Anno) who pretty much owns you. Because really what are you going to do, risk your entire companies future just because you disagree with someone who has more influence then you that you don't believe is right? I honestly believe that the earthquake in Japan back in 2011 cased Anno to somehow receive radiation poisoning, because that's the best explanation I can think as to why he fucked up this movie as bad as he did.

Anyway the film ends in the stupidest way possible. Kawou through the power of plot convenience takes the collar off of Shinji and puts it on himself for some reason. Shinji Obeys his fathers command despite everyone telling him that Nerve is intending to commit Genocide and not wanting to help his dad is the whole reason Ville put a bomb collar over his neck in the first place.

Also here's what I don't get, if it was so dangerous to keep him alive, then why did Ville even bother to go out into space to rescue him? In the opening cinematic we see that Asuka and Mari risk their lives to retrieve him yet when they do rescue him they are hate filled towards him. Why not just let him die in space, or better yet if your going to go forward with your 14 year time jump then don't even bother to go out into space to rescue him, instead spend time explaining to us everything that has happened over the last 14 years so that we are well acquainted with the rules of this new world.

We are then treated to an epic final battle with incredible music and more CGI bullshit. You know I have to give credit were credit is due shiro sagisu the composer of this films score seems to be the only one who cares enough to make an incredibly awesome soundtrack. In fact it's insultingly good. A movie this shitty does not deserve a soundtrack this awesome. You know what the best part of the soundtrack is? You don't even have to buy the movie to get the soundtrack. Seriously people if you want to support Shiro Sagisu then buy Eva 3.0's Soundtrack. My one complaint with the soundtrack is that it still uses the original evangelions "Decisive battle" theme


which Gainax ripped off from John Berry's "007 Takes the lector" theme from the James Bond movie "From Russia with love"


I also swear that I heard the Legend of Zelda's theme in this movie pop up twice. I wonder what the people at Gainax were thinking when they made the decision to include these themes. 'Hey I got an idea let's steal music from James Bond and Zelda two of the most iconic franchises in existence nobodies going to notice if we steal from them."

Also my favorite song from this movie is "god's Gift"


but it sounds very similar to another song that I Iike from the game grandia2



All in all Evangelion what used to be a great anime to watch for its deconstruction of the mecha genre has turned into a pile of CGI story less garbage. I only hope that Hideaki Anno is trolling us, and this turns out to be a dream and that shinji wakes up from being trapped in his Eva for 30 days like in the original series. Because the trailer for the fourth film looks even worse. Bottom line 3/10

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2.0 was just a bunch of fan service and completely turned me off the entire Rebuild series.

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They should just let the series die, or completely redo it (like Helsing to Helsing Ultimate). Redoing the ending to an anime 3 times is borderline ridiculous.

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Holy god, that's a lot of text devoted to a movie review.

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@Whiteblade999: is that what really happened? they tried to end the original series the Times unsuccessfully? geeze.

I watched the show and the first (idk anymore) movie after. the show was only aight, like a 5 or 6 out of 10.

I'll watch it maybe.

probably not, though.

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End of Evangelion is a masterpiece. l don't need to see any other versions of that story. As much as l love Evangelion, lm happy not watching any of the new movies.

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@Makhaidos: Hey thanks for commenting. If any of you are interested, then I wrote a review for the entire series on my profile as well. http://www.gamespot.com/profile/blog/