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#1 Posted by iangrima (249 posts) -
This vid is just wierd and it has over 3 mill views!!: link
#2 Posted by -911- (6177 posts) -
LOL, it looks like it's having a seizure, Hahah!
#3 Posted by kyacat (4044 posts) -
I bought tmx elmo for little niece and she love elmo
#4 Posted by Bourbons3 (24248 posts) -
elmo :lol:
#5 Posted by double_decker (145798 posts) -
I love elmo, he's cool 8) *Gets the double_decker stamp of approval* :D
#6 Posted by -Karayan- (6713 posts) -
I'm just surprised the dog didn't tear it apart.
#7 Posted by nintendo_ds_06 (2657 posts) -
lol the dog is freaking out
#8 Posted by iangrima (249 posts) -
I thought it looked like it was jakin off but anyway...
#9 Posted by LostProphetFLCL (17147 posts) -
My little sis has one of those..... It is ****** annoying and creepy......