Dubstep and your fear of what is Inevitable.

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They always prophecised that London would be the birthplace of the virus that infected the world. In the future all music will feature heavy bass drops featuring triplets. All you can do is lay back and accept it. There is literally nothing you can do to prevent total Dubstep domination from occuring worldwide.

It will infect ourMovies...

It will infect ourVideogames...

It will infect ourAdverts...

[spoiler] Are you worried that you or your family might be infected? To test yourself and others, go to Youtube and type in your or your friends favorite artists name followed by "dubstep remix" and see how many results come up. The more results, the more infected you or they are. [/spoiler]

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whats wrong with dubstep?

i'm more into dnb though

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whats wrong with dubstep?

i'm more into dnb though


I love Drum and Bass, hate dubstep, but I was brought up on a diet of Jungle in the 90's.

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Dubstep is great

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whats wrong with dubstep?


Nothing. I was gonna post a Dubstep appreciation thread and got bored halfway through. :P

I was brought up on a diet of Jungle in the 90's.


Eh. I just like this.

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I don't mind it at all
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acually OT is the only place that dubstep still gets that much of hate from. so i think most folks has accepted it already.

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I really don't mind dub step in small doses.
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Dubstep is just new, and when it comes to music nobody can ever agree, especially on new music.

But I like it, depending on whose music it is.

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me like a bit of dubstep.

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I really dislike dubstep
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Some dubstep is alright like VG remixes, also like dubstep and Lindsey Stirling which is a nice combination.

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Well my favorite genre is already dead so I don't really worry about dubstep infusing with it. :P

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I don't mind dubstep, but it's certainly not the best genre out there.
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God forbid that music might evolve and change.
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Hey I like that Requiem for a dream remix.
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Most of my friends are metalheads. No worries there :P

I don't have much of an opinion to form on dubstep though, as I haven't really heard that much. So I can't rightly say that I hate it or anything.....I just don't have the interest to listen to it (or most other genres for that matter...).

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My only issue with dub step is the tons of wannabe tracks which is just one note that just goes Wub wub wubub wub. I Like Nero... well doomsday, the drop on that is great and kill the noise is okay though I prefer the non-dubstep segments. out of a few bands I don't really go into dubstep.
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All of the Dubstep that I've heard has consisted of bass drops, so I hate Dubstep with a passion.

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The only issue with dubstep is that it makes the chord loops obvious; at least that's what I don't like.

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Nope, no one has infected Gorod, Death, Pestilence, Bolt Thrower, or Immortal yet. Some of my friends have sh-tty taste in music, so it's inevitable for them.
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With all sorts of music you can always find some good stuff, the majority however is usually awful. Dubstep in my opinion went out like 2 or 3 years ago. I can remember driving back home with zane lowe on in the car and he was saying "this is it, the dubstep arival, its going to take over the world, dubstep is for all the old jungle cats to come out and remix some beats..." etc etc etc etc. Basically someone decided to remix a bunch of songs with the flavour of "wub wub wub WAAARRRHHHBBBBBBB WAAARRRRRBBB" and then everyone was like "omgs this is sooooooo kewl" and then everyone got over it when skrillex came out, did his "OH MAH GAWD" the end.

Its boring and so incredibly generic. There is little dynamics and the production is usally piss poor. The best music comes from actual instruments. Sure you can mix in some strange electro stuff but nothing comes close to a tight ass band.

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I'm iffy on dubstep, I like some and dislike others :P It's just that there are too many people who put a few filters on a song and call it dubstep genius :P I see so much of it on youtube that I've come to not care for it at all, but I will enjoy a Skrillex (spelling?) song every once in a while
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Call me crazy but I really dislike dubstep. I prefer music with lyrics and vocals that actually seem to mean something to the person who wrote/sang them. A techno beat ("wub, wub, wub") with the occasional vocal lifted from another song just doesn't do it for me.

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It will infect ourMovies...

It will infect ourVideogames...

It will infect ourAdverts...


first link was pretty awesome. great rendition of Lux Aeterna in my opinion

second one was pretty cool.

i like the third one also.