Does anyone play pinball? What's your favourite table?

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Does anyone here still play pinball (the non virtual kind)? If so what's your favourite table and why?

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Fish Tales.

Had a great rhythm to it.

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I used to play a TMNT table back when I used to go to the roller skating rink.

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Doesn't matter: even on my favorite table, he can beat my best.

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The Simpsons Pinball was pretty cool, Star Wars Episode 1 was a really cool table, and my favorite was a table called Funland or Circus or something. Anyways the ball would go into the top portion with the screen/display and you could play the ball inside there for extra points. Was a really neat machine.

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oooh Loved that Adams Family one haha Also too the Terminator 2 machine ^_^

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I played a pretty badass Wizard of Oz table not too long ago.

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I just remembered a table I played at PAX actually... a Metallica one I believe. I quite enjoyed it and meant to see if I could find a place that had it

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I used to play an Xmen pinball table, which was pretty cool.