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#1 Posted by harry_james_pot (11233 posts) -

So, have you guys watched the episode yet? What did you think?

I'm too sad right now, and I need to rewatch it before talking about it in detail. But in short, I really loved the episode.

#2 Posted by Makhaidos (2162 posts) -

Just saw it. As if Christmas wasn't depressing enough.

#3 Posted by ferrari2001 (17412 posts) -

Nothing says Christmas like death, destruction and a new doctor. The last two episodes have been simply fantastic. Hopefully they can keep this streak up. And the good thing about science fiction, you can always change the rules.

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Didn't like the 50th anniversary but The Time of the Doctor was awesome. I like how the regeneration had the big speech and then it was just a quick, boom!, and he changed. I think Peter Capaldi has the potential to be better than Matt Smith though.

#5 Posted by spike6958 (5119 posts) -

It's weird I loved it, and hated it. Everything felt well done, it tied up Matt's arc nicely, his aging throughout the episode was bittersweet, and the Timelords saving him and allowing him to have another regeneration was a very surprising way to deal with give him more regeneration's.

It was weird though, because we knew that John Hurt was now the 9th Doctor, which should have only pushed Matt up to 12, meaning Peter Capaldi should have been able to happen anyway (regenerate 12 times, meaning the 13th should be the final form), but they threw a regeneration away on a mediocre gag, just to build up the tension of "will he regenerate" which is pointless because we know he will because they spoiled it for us around 6 months ago.

I guess that's where my disliking for the episode comes in, knowing that Matt wasn't going to make it, that Capaldi was taking over, i wish they wouldn't tell us these things, let it be a shock when the Doctor dies and is replaced, most TV shows try there best not to have spoilers leaked, but Doctor Who goes out of it's way to spoil itself.

#6 Posted by ultimate-k (2348 posts) -

Kinda meh, and disappointing final to matt smith, should of done a separate episode for this instead of forcing the Christmas stuff in. The tree cyberman was kinda cool, but everything else felt dragged and all over the place, forcing stuff in that makes no sence such as the cracks in time back. We was all just waiting for the regeneration, which everyone knew was going to happen because they fucking told us. Hope next series have better writting, cause last few series has been all over the place, making laws and physics of the dr.who universe to fit episodes.

#7 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26733 posts) -

It was pretty damn great. Christmas was the perfect time for Matt Smith to bow out considering the playful nature that defined his version of The Doctor; and it was nice to see him finally live up to the title of the 'Raggedy Man'. The end had me in tears. Matt Smith is not my favorite Doctor but he has been so great. Really sad to see him go, but he had a wonderful little speech at the end, and him taking off the bow-tie was a brilliant little touch. I can not wait for Capaldi to take over the role next season.

One thing that has always amazed me is that no matter the face, you can always sense 'The Doctor' under the surface of all of the Doctors regeneration. Even when you go back and watch older episodes, the actor, looks, etc. might be completely different but it is always still The Doctor. When Capaldi appeared I felt the same way.

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Clara getting left behind (again) with the turkey broke my heart.

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Just watched and it was a great way to transition to the new Doctor. Awesome episode!

#10 Posted by Makhaidos (2162 posts) -

I can already tell that I'm going to love Capaldi's Doctor. His first few lines were just so random and hilarious and Doctor-y.

#11 Posted by The-Apostle (12193 posts) -

I watched it a few weeks ago. :) Loved the Christmas episode.

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Matt is my favorite modern doctor and I will indeed miss him. I found this outing nicely done.He went out doing what the doctor does best protecting others.It was also kinda of depressing seeing him have that last scene with him being delusional.

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Did anybody else see the behind-the-scenes special where Matt broke down reading the "when the Doctor was me" line?