Do you wear jewelry?

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I only wear one piece of jewelry - my wedding ring. Occasionally, a watch. Not really a fan of necklaces/bracelets, and all that jive.

How about you, OT?

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Yes a watch and a silver necklace.

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Nope I was never a big fan of jewelry and I stopped wearing watches a long time ago.

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Sometimes on occassions ... OM silver necklace , earrings.

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A watch (Bulova Precisionist), a wedding ring (a simple titanium band), and that's it.

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Watch and wedding ring only.

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No nothing.

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That stuff is meant for gals.

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I wear my watch and a neck strap with my pen drive, a mini Swiss knife and my Borders rewards mini card.

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@elkoldo said:

That stuff is meant for gals.

Many Italian and Greek men would disagree. :D

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I have a gold St. Christopher necklace left to me by my late grandmother, otherwise I don't wear any.

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I wore my wedding ring when I was married but that's it. Haven't worn a watch in many years, my cell phone keeps time just fine.

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I'm all plain

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I'll wear watches to work and when I go out to dinner/bars. Other than that, nope. Not a big jewelry guy.

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Nope. I would if I had money to waste like that but the idea of carrying $50+ of jewelry around my neck/wrist/hand where it can easily be stolen or accidentally misplaced sort of bothers me...

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Is a watch sold from a jewelry store considered jewelry?

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I don't like jewelry so no.

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nope, i don't wear anything

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@Jd1680a said:

Is a watch sold from a jewelry store considered jewelry?

A watch sold from a guy on the street is still considered jewelry, so yeah.

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@jasean79 said:

@elkoldo said:

That stuff is meant for gals.

Many Italian and Greek men would disagree. :D

you mean the most effeminate men in the world would disagree?

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also no, am not a mangina

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I think too much jewelry looks tacky

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as a young college male, i once thought jewelry and earrings and the like were cool.

now, i laugh at the mental weakness.

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Where is the discussion value in this thread?

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@xeno_ghost: cellphones, texting, music, headphones, tablets, facebook, insta, twitter.

should i go on? the amount of fake ego's and puzzyizm is something i now have to deal with as a parent.

the weak mindedness of wuzziez everywhere is a laugh.

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@udubdawgz1: Agreed! I always try to teach the youth not to be a sheep. Be your own person do your own thing.

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@xeno_ghost: it's funny, since, not being a sheep was emphasized a few years back. now, it's all about sheepdom and puzzydom and femdom and gaydom and wuzzydom.

i know i've got a money- payin vocation, lol: a girl i knew in a certain setting BAWLED when her phone was taken away. i've had multiple girls in my family cry about yap like this and their phones. i've ended multiple relationships with fools who thought phone convos were better than our mutual ride.

my parents once laughed when i brought this convo up: my dad doesn't now. my mom, lol, she plays crush and sends me email to an email i've told her on numerous occasions i don't use.