Do you think you're a loser irl?

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according to statistics, 64% of respondents have negative feelings about themselves and feel like a "loser". not accomplishing anything in life tops the list followed by being hated by people, being not popular, and not being in a relationship.

so are you one one of those who think that?

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@mrduckbears3 said:

according to statistics, 64% of respondents

Respondents to what? Source?

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got over any kind of inferiority complex years ago

it's really something people should grow out of imo

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Edit: I am losing it though (again).

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I'm pretty happy with what I am.

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Yes i am and i don't care.

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I'll stray from the wh'ev response with hopes to go further.

There are too many people in the world, and in today's economy, it's all who you know vs what you know....hype vs gain.

I'm not going to cure cancer, engineer the next high-mpg car, or develop a plant that can grow faster.

So, I've bowed out of the race.

I guess I never held the ideal of being a winner, thus, I can never be a loser. However,

In the mean-time, I've enjoyed where I'm at, with my own hobbies.

I'm developing a trilogy, and more tangibly: blue-printing a garden/studio/dojo/library while sharing it with my nephews, and paying my bills.

Oculus Rift & 3D printing are markets I'm excited about...and I may just be able to participate in their growth.

Thinking about losing, is a rich-man's game.


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I'm very happy.

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if i dont make at least 50,000 in the next 3 months then yes

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i envy those who are happy with themselves. i really do.

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So, basically what you're asking is if I have low self-esteem and no ambitions/goals in life?

Then the answer would be no.

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Crawwllliiiinnngg in my skiiiiiiinnnnn.........

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I'm not a loser. You are...

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Soy un perdedor