Do you still watch TV?

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Poll: Do you still watch TV? (47 votes)

Yes 32%
Yes but watching less and less 34%
No I get all my content from other sources 34%

I haven't had a TV or cable in 5 years! and my life is better for it.

#1 Posted by MonsieurX (30848 posts) -

Plex + add-ons ftw

#2 Posted by Master_Live (15116 posts) -

Sure, watching the playoffs as we speak.

#3 Edited by JML897 (33127 posts) -

Yeah, mostly for sports

#4 Edited by always_explicit (2972 posts) -

I watch it sometimes. Cant say I have regular shows I need to catch at regular intervals anymore. I just slam on Netflix if I am bored.

#5 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

Yes. I watch it more now than I ever have. TV is the best it's ever been by a mile.

#6 Edited by br0kenrabbit (13187 posts) -

Usually when my TV comes on it's to watch a DVD, but even that is rare. I can go weeks without turning it on. There's just really nothing that interests me.

Back when The History Channel was always showing history documentaries I was glued to it, but that's years ago.

#7 Edited by Stranger_36 (481 posts) -

I'll watch a little bit of TV here and there.

#8 Posted by chessmaster1989 (29533 posts) -

Watch some, usually in bursts. Game and read more though.

#9 Edited by GamingTitan (560 posts) -

@Master_Live said:

Sure, watching the playoffs as we speak.


#10 Posted by konvikt_17 (22279 posts) -

Sleepy Hollow

Almost Human



Yes i still watch TV. watching the Chargers @ Bengals now.

sucks the Eagles didnt make it. so close.

#11 Posted by cain006 (8625 posts) -

I don't like watching sports much so there's not much of any reason to pay for cable. And even if I did, there's a good amount of games that are free over the air.

#12 Posted by 4myAmuzumament (1750 posts) -

the guy before me kept his cable up for like two months and the day after Christmas, it finally turned to static.

i don't wanna budget for cable.

this will be my first time not having cable in my place of residence.

this will be interesting.

#13 Posted by lostrib (39152 posts) -

I stream or download most everything these days, not counting when I'm at the gym

#14 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3654 posts) -

No, but would like to have it again. Got Netflix now though.

#15 Posted by DharmaMember77 (2377 posts) -

I've got a handful of current shows I watch whenever a new episode comes on (currently waiting for new seasons of Sherlock and Girls to start) but aside from that no.

#16 Posted by RoccoHout (1000 posts) -

Yes, when watching movies or series I still greatly prefer TV.

#17 Posted by Netret0120 (2255 posts) -

Only for sports

#18 Edited by Trail_Mix (2021 posts) -

I still watch TV from time to time, but over the years I've grown a "could take it or leave it" mentality. So it's not like I'll miss it if it's suddenly gone.

#19 Edited by ShepardCommandr (2902 posts) -

Of course not.Because of ads.

I obtain all my tv shows online....(netflix is not available here)

#20 Posted by Jd1680a (5949 posts) -

I would watch TV on my PC, if that makes sense.

#21 Edited by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -

Yes, but I mainly watch news. My screen staring normally consist of gaming, web surfing, or Netflix.

#22 Posted by Serraph105 (28282 posts) -

Of course I do, its honestly a golden age of TV. Also, to me, if you watch shows on devices other than TV you are still watching TV IMO.

#23 Posted by Celldrax (14680 posts) -

Haven't seriously watched TV in roughly the last 12 or so years.

Even if there are some good shows on now, I just don't care for it anymore.

#24 Posted by gamerguru100 (10748 posts) -

I occasionally watch Ghost Adventures, Dead Files, and Celebrity Ghost Stories, and that's about all the TV I watch. I spend most of my leisure time on my laptop or playing video games. Most TV is crap.

#25 Edited by CleanPlayer (9822 posts) -

I watch mostly TV series tv shows (currently watching True Blood and Homeland) and NFL/MLB/NBA basketball. I also get a good kick out of the really shitty reality tv shows like Bachelor/Bachelorette

#26 Posted by Iszdope (10289 posts) -

Sport & news.

That is all.

#27 Posted by THE_DRUGGIE (24964 posts) -

I just use my TV to play some Sega Saturn.

#28 Posted by Iszdope (10289 posts) -


Ooh, you got Panzer Dragoon?

Loved that game.

#29 Edited by SolidSnake35 (58154 posts) -

God no. I watch things online. Advertising can **** off. If you're already paying for a subscription, why should you be expected to watch advertisements too? I would pay more for an ad free service every time.

#30 Edited by sukraj (23211 posts) -

I only watch the football on tv.

#31 Posted by hippiesanta (9915 posts) -

youtube is my TV

#32 Posted by -Renegade (8340 posts) -

i pretty much dont want tv these days. the only show i watch right now is the real housewives of atlanta other then that the tv is off

#33 Posted by comp_atkins (31608 posts) -

i watch a lot of netflix so technically it's tv, but not live

#34 Posted by TwistedShade (3165 posts) -

Not cable whenever my TV is on if I'm not gaming I'm on Netflix. Been rewatching Futarama which is better than surfing the channels for crap every evening.

#35 Edited by shellcase86 (1934 posts) -

Yes. Netflix and Hulu are good, but they don't have enough up-to-date material of what my family watches.

#36 Posted by Renevent42 (5346 posts) -

I cut cable 2-3 years had gotten way out of control where watching TV actually started annoying me. Have a Roku now, much happier :)

#37 Edited by jun_aka_pekto (16692 posts) -

Yup. Sports, weather, news, H2, The Military Channel, etc.

Even if I cut my cable subscription, I'd still watch TV because we still get over the air broadcasts (local stations, CBS, Fox (not Fox News), PBS. If it's a nice day, we get a Canadian station as well.

#38 Posted by Shottayouth13- (6835 posts) -

Every now and then. I watch most of my shows online.

#39 Posted by GTA_dude (18355 posts) -

Nope, haven't for a year now

#40 Posted by Cynical_Buzzard (224 posts) -

I have been watching more tv shows/movies on Netflix than I have been on tv.

#41 Edited by Overlord93 (12602 posts) -

Not other than the news in the morning. Or maybe a documentory or panel show at night if I don't want to sleep yet . Thank goodness for Dave airing QI practically every day.

#42 Posted by LJS9502_basic (151707 posts) -

Arrow and Penguins games....

#43 Posted by harry_james_pot (11035 posts) -

I watch a lot of TV shows, but on my PC.

#44 Edited by CasualGamer36x (50 posts) -

Yeah but only because stuff like Netflix isn't available where I live unfortunately.

#45 Posted by DarthGumballs (194 posts) -

I do. I pretty much pay for every channel in existence on DISH. I have a discounted bill for a year, it'll be like $180/mo if I don't start making some cuts...Haha. I'm addicted to DVR'ing just about everything possible.

#46 Posted by Gorillanator (784 posts) -

I watch shows on Netflix, and I also got an antenna for sports and live TV. Never had cable in my entire life.

#47 Posted by junglist101 (5462 posts) -

If I'm at home the TV is almost always on even if I'm not watching it. It comforts me.

#48 Posted by t1striker (1549 posts) -

I said no, but I have on very rare occasions. Everything worthwhile on TV is on the internet one way or another I can watch pretty much anything.

#49 Posted by Muffin2020 (527 posts) -

I have reached the point where I physically can not sit though an advert now so I still watch TV shows but from ad free places.

#50 Edited by spike6958 (4881 posts) -

I do but these days I only really Fox for The Walking Dead, Sky Atlantic for Game of Thrones, and BBC 1 for Doctor Who and Sherlock, and occasionally I'll watch the premieres on Sky Movies if it's something I didn't already watch in the Cinema or buy. If it wasn't for the fact my Sky subscription is only £10 a month I really wouldn't bother and just watch them online or wait and buy them on BluRay.