Do you still read Gaming Magazines?

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I am wondering if anyone out there is still reading Game Magazines?

I know Print Journalism is pretty near dead across the board of all topics. But I know a good amount of people still read them.

The only one I constantly read is PCGamer. One day I will find time to read other magazines like EGM and xbox magazine.

Do you still read Gaming Magazines?

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not really. Some print magazines went into online versions though ~

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PC Gamer

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From like 2000 to 2006 I was subscribed to EGM. I was so pumped when my mom brought the magazine from the PO Box. I also read Official Xbox Magazine, mainly for the demos.

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Game Informer...

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No. I haven't read one in over a decade. Gaming Mags actually suck to anybody with internet. You get the mag and read it just to discover it is all old news that you learned a few weeks earlier on the internet. Just like I don't understand why anybody with internet would waste their money buying strategy guides.

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Games Master.

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No, I'm surprised magazines still exist to be honest.

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PC Gamer


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Never have ever since the internet existed.

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Sometimes, when I'm browsing the magazine section in a store.

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Not for years! Had various subscriptions back in the day though. Always used to get the PC mag's and dig through all the demos.

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I used to buy gaming mags up until the PS2 era, but then stopped after that. I sometimes read older gaming mags though when I'm feeling nostalgic.

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No sir.. I used to have stacks of the gaming magazines years back, what a waste of papers.

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Game Informer is about the only one I still read, and it's not that good anymore. Honestly my renewal is due now and I've been debating if I want to give Game Stop $15 to renew my card and subscription or not.

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That was my last magazine, from 2006, so no.