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Posted by br0kenrabbit (13186 posts) 1 year, 3 days ago

Poll: Do you snore? (17 votes)

No 41%
Yes 59%
Only after drinking 0%

I don't snore, but I've had the unfortunate experience of sharing a room with people who do (my ex-wife for one).

If I have a stuffy nose that starts whistling while I'm asleep it wakes me, so I don't understand how people sleep through room-shaking snoring. How does it not wake you up?

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My snoring will sometimes wake myself up. I wear nasal strips to help with it. I can't sleep with someone else who snores.

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@Makhaidos said:

My snoring will sometimes wake myself up. I wear nasal strips to help with it. I can't sleep with someone else who snores.

Oh, I can't either. If I can't leave the room and sleep somewhere else I start to get pissed. I know it's not their fault, but dag dang C'MON.

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Don't know. Can't recall a time when someone told me I snore.

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Only when I fall asleep sitting up. I was told I make a slight whistle noise when sleeping on a bed though...

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I'm told by my GF that I do. But a quick jab with the elbow ends it quickly, apparently.

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It mowstly comes out at night...


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No, but I might breathe hard on a rare occasion (asthma).

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Hell yea! Probably as loud as a tractor.

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No, only very rare but then very quietly. But no, i don´t snore

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@insane_metalist said:

Hell yea! Probably as loud as a tractor.

mee too .... I told someone to videotape it

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Oh god I snore very loud, my Pug snores a lot too..

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Nope. And people who snore doesn't bother me much at all.

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Apparently so, probably because I have excess mucous production. Don't know how to get rid of it.

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I don't know, never recorded myself

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Like a freakin' chainsaw. I sometimes worry that I may have sleep apnea. It got to the point to where the wife and I sleep in separate rooms now. Hopefully kicking the cancer sticks will make a difference.

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The only time I've heard people comment about it is when I'm sick, so that's apparently the only time I do.

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Hell yeah, i should probably do something about it. It sucks

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Wifee says i do, but why is she awake to listen ? Lol .. Go to sleep !

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I definitely don't. People say I do but I don't believe them.

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All the time.

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No as I am not a monster whose existence should be expunged from the face of the Earth. Well...not for snoring anyways.

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No, I stayed up all night and didn't hear it once. :p

Jokes aside, no one has ever told me that I do. No news is good news.

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From what my gf told me yes I do snore, depending on some nights.

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I snore as bad as Adam Sandler in Little Nicky. Shit sounds like Satan worship lol. I found out I had sleep apnea and they gave me a machine with a tube and mask which constantly blows air into your nose and prevents whatever it is that makes you snore (tongue, uvula, anything that blocks airways) from doing what it does. Currently trying to lose the pounds I have so I can be healthier which could even put a complete stop to my snoring. Hope losing weight does stop it because I'm getting tired of waking up with a red circle around my nose in the morning, lol.

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I have no idea.

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