Do you own a VCR? Do you still use it?

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Posted by Master_Live (14860 posts) 11 months, 20 days ago
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I have one VCR that is just a VCR by itself, I think it's in my closet. Last time I used it it worked, but it never had any remote control ability, so I would always have to get up to rewind, fast-forward etc. I have a VCR/DVD player combo In my room which I use to watch VHS tapes and DVDs and to tape shows on to a blank tape if I won't be able to see them (mostly now I just timer-record my mom's soap opera for her because she's at work when it runs). In my parents' room there is another VCR/DVD combo, but the DVD part doesn't work and the VCR won't respond to the remote anymore, so we only use it to watch VHS movies now.

Also I don't have a Blu-Ray player (or any Blu-ray discs) though maybe my computer of my xbox 360 could play them. I don't really know of anyone I know having Blu-Ray players.

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Yeah. I just used a week ago to watch Octopussy. I'm not fond of the idea of spending money on movies I already own, just on a different format, but now that standard DVD's are becoming dirt cheap, I may do it.

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Now do any of you guys still own any rewinders? I don't think I do, though I know I used to have one.

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Nope, threw it away years ago.

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I sold my last standalone VCR in 2001 right before I left the US to head to South Korea for a year. I intended to buy another one but upon arrival customs told me porn was illegal there and I had to toss my small VHS collection of smut. I never bothered getting a replacement player while there since I already had a PS2 for my DVD collection.

Sometime in 2003 a few months after I got back to the US I bought a DVD/VHS hybrid player. I still have it to this day, although it has sat in my closet unused for at least two or three years. Most of my movies are on DVD, with almost all new movies either on Blu-Ray or streamed via Netflix. I can't truthfully answer your question because while I do still own one, I don't use it anymore.

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i have the tv display settings for the vcr set well enough that some might mistake it for dvd, definitely as good as some cable channels. i have a few random movies recorded from tv and original vhs' that i watch now and again. recording from tv largely due to how crappy twc dvrs can be. coraline, walle, brave, starwars, amelie, wallace and gromit, toy story 2, bugs life, the lion king. i was recently delighted to discover an old recording of princess mononke. i cant see why some would think that anything you have on vhs is any less a treasure because dvd or blue ray exists. i was hoping i had the original voice over version of akira somewhere, no luck so far.

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Yes I still own a VCR and I still use it occasionally. When I do use it it's usually for movies that don't have DVD releases. The last time I watched a VHS tape was for Erich von Stroheim's Greed.

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@deeliman said:

Nope, threw it away years ago.

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I do and I'll probably keep it a while as I have a number of VHS tapes with movies that have never been in print and the occasional film that has only seen a VHS release.

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I have 2 VCR's. One can play DVD's. I still will record TV shows, but all of my shows are on demand from cable, so I tape TV very little now. I like to tape with the VCR because I can skip commercials unlike on demand cable.

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I don't use mine anymore

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Yes I have a VCR and I still use it. I believe VHS is better for recording and playback then DVD.

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@deeliman said:

Nope, threw it away years ago.

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I don't own one anymore. Oddly enough I still have my old VHS tapes I use to watch as a kid like Lion King, Jurassic Park, Little Rascals and alot more.

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i've been using mine lately only to transfer old home videos i have on vhs to my computer to be saved to dvd since i do not want to lose them

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Yes I have one. No I don't use it. Not an option in the limited poll...

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No I don't. I haven't owned one since the early DVD days.

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Funny thing is i rarely use it, but it cost me about $40 dollars to buy one that had Stereo output. I had to buy one since i was trying to play an old vhs tape i owned. I could not believe how hard it was to find one with a stereo output. Unbelievable.

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I got rid of my VCR years ago.

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I do not personally have a VCR anymore. I do not plan on having one ever again unless it is to play some VHS tapes I still have. 720p is really the lowest resolution setting I am willing to have in my entertainment area.

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That old hunk-a-junk? I made the switch to LaserDisc years ago.

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Yes, I use it regularly

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I wonder (and I don't mean this as an insult to anyone) how many here are old enough to even remember VCR's. It went obsolete in the late 90's so a good 15+ years have passed since its day.

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Yes, but it's unplugged.

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my dad still uses a VCR, some of the really old shows he likes only come on tape.

I have DvDs and Blu Ray.

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Eh, I have one in the classroom. I use it when one of my vhs tapes goes along with the lesson.

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Yes and no,back in the early 2000s, I used to watch what was considered as my parent's marriage tape,still had that VCR back as technology evolved,my parents sold the VCR for a DVD player.but the tape broke down,luckily it was kept safe to this day

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yeah, buried in the attic somewhere~ no tapes for it though~lol

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Yes it's hooked up to my tv right now. Do I use it? Yes, but not recently. I use it to watch my VHS 1-4 seasons of The Sopranos and my vintage 70's Porn collection.

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@Jd1680a said:

Yes I have a VCR and I still use it. I believe VHS is better for recording and playback then DVD.

WTF ???

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No, the format is terrible. I'm glad I never invested any money in it. Then again, I never really bought many DVD's for the longest time either.

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@Pirate700 said:

I wonder (and I don't mean this as an insult to anyone) how many here are old enough to even remember VCR's. It went obsolete in the late 90's so a good 15+ years have passed since its day.

I think most people still use things for a bit after they are technically "obsolete" (though I don't really care for that term). I didn't get any DVD player until about 2002 or 2003, the first DVDs we got were through the mail and I could only watch them on PS2. I got my PS2 in April 2002 for my birthday, so I must've gotten the DVD player some months later, probably around December. I remember when I asked for the Spider-man movie for Christmas, which must've been 2002 since the movie came out in 2002, I asked for it on DVD because of the special features. For the Lord of the Rings movies I have the Fellowship of the Ring on VHS and the other two on DVD (though I have the extended editions of all three on DVD).

Also the only DVD players I ever had were DVD/VCR combos.

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I do not own or watch inferior and obsolete formats.(this goes for dvds too)

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@whipassmt said:

Now do any of you guys still own any rewinders? I don't think I do, though I know I used to have one.

I have one but doubt it still works.

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I can't say that I do, but I finally have a Blu-ray player which totally lets me watch stuff off my hard drive. Love it.

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Yes, I have a Panasonic DVD/VCR combo. I need it to convert some old home made videos (no not what you guys think) into DVD. I also have some rare VHS movies that are not available on either DVD or Bluray.

I aslo have a BR player (PS3 and Panasonic Smart BR brand)

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Yes still got 1. Also have 3 dvd and 2 blu ray

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Yeah, there's 2 in my house but its been ages since I used them. I don't have a Blu ray player but I do. of course, have plenty of DVD players about...

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No. I wouldn't be caught dead even using Blu Rays. Physical media is outdated and uncool in every case except vinyl records. Streaming / downloading is the only way to go. Nothing to move around, no clutter, and access to your collection anywhere in the world on any device.

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We still have a VCR but we never really use it. I think the only times we've used it in the last 7 or 8 years is to watch some old family recordings and recordings of theatrical productions my wife's been in.