Do you go to the movies alone

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Poll: Do you go to the movies alone (41 votes)

yes, i prefer it 34%
no, and i will not go if i can't get someone to go with me 39%
i try not to, but i may go regardless of any present company 27%

so i went to see Carrie (don't, it's ass) and i went alone. something i've done since i was a kid. i had someone ask me why i went to see a movie alone, and i didn't really have an answer for her, other than "it's something i've always done"

i was a loner as a kid, but i shrugged most of that off by my early 20's, except for this. anyone else do this or am i a toal n00b when it comes to going to the movies?

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When I go to the movies, it's frequently alone. Sometimes I inquire if anyone is interested, but they're either busy or have already seen the movie so I just go alone.

#2 Posted by Trail_Mix (2021 posts) -

Never. I usually go with either family or friends, or I don't go at all.

The only time I sat in the theater alone was when I was a bit younger, I wanted to see one movie and my family wanted to see another.

#3 Posted by konvikt_17 (22282 posts) -

i have before and i have no problem doing so.

i find i actually enjoy the movie more, as i dont have friends/family talkng to me during the movie.

#4 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9323 posts) -

Nope, I almost always have a friend or two go with me. It's more fun with friends and you can get dinner or lunch too.

#5 Posted by johnd13 (8476 posts) -

I always go with friends as I can easily find company most times for the movies I'm really interested in.

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If I want to see a movie it doesn't matter to me if someone is with me or not, it doesn't bother me.

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Well, I don't go to the movies very much anyway. It's too pricy for me, and why do that when there's already such a huge backlog of stuff that I can see on DVD or the internet?

But when I do go to the movies, I don't mind going alone at all. a best case scenario I'd prefer seeing it with someone else so that we can discuss the movie afterwards. But that's also true when watching movies on home video, and lack of someone to watch it with sure as hell doesn't stop me from popping in a DVD. Why should that stop me from seeing a movie at the cinema? The actual viewing of a movie at the cinema isn't really a social activity. Unless you're being a totally insonsiderate jackass, there probably isn't much social activity going on during that time. The actual socialization happens before and afterwards, not during. So I don't see a single thing wrong or weird about going to see a movie alone.

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It's always nicer to go with other people, but if it's a choice between going alone or missing the film entirely, then I've got no problems with going alone.

#9 Posted by sukraj (23243 posts) -

I don't go to the movies at all.

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Sometimes. I got off work early a few weeks back and saw Gravity alone. It's no different from going with friends because you sit there in silence anyway.

#11 Posted by Kats_RK (2080 posts) -

I've never gone to the movies alone. Maybe one day.

#12 Posted by Dogswithguns (10813 posts) -

I don't go to the movies anymore.. never went alone, only once when the first Silent Hill came out but that was it.

#13 Posted by Netret0120 (2255 posts) -

I don't go to cinemas. I usually get the DVD

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I can't say I recall ever going by myself. Before my GF, I always went with friends.

If I got paid to go to them (i.e. reviews) then I probably would go by myself. But then I'd be going a lot more often, so it wouldn't feel like I was being anti-social.

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Yes, and I prefer it. I'd rather sit in some arthouse theater alone then with a friend who has no desire to be there. If I'm seeing some blockbuster or something, then I'd rather go with a friend, but I still won't refuse to go if I'm going solo.

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Generally I'd prefer to see movies with friends, but if nobody wants to see it then I have no problem going by myself.

#17 Posted by ultimate-k (2348 posts) -

Nothing wrong with that, I never been to a movie alone before, I just go with friends.

#18 Posted by AgentA-Mi6 (16261 posts) -

I've never gone on my own, i always go with either my girlfriend or friends.

#19 Posted by redstorm72 (4593 posts) -

I always go with someone, either my friends or my mom (she is a big movie buff and it was her that started my love of going to the movie theater). I have nothing against people who go by themselves, but for me it would feel weird not having someone to talk about the movie with after I saw it. Also, since I live out in the country, driving 20-30 min into town just to see a movie by myself seems like a lot of effort.

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I don't have any friends.....

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With friends or without. I've done both. It's not like I go to a movie to socialize in the first place.

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Usually yes. I always have 2 weekdays off of work, most people are working at the time so I just go by myself.

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sure, I don't live my life by someone else's schedule.

I may ask others if they want to go, but if not then I'm happy to go alone.

Some people think you are a loser if you go alone.

But I think you are being strong and independent if you go alone. Just the way I see it.

#25 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26470 posts) -

I usually go alone and prefer to as well. Seeing a film is not an experience that requires multiple people; and I've always been confused as to why some are so insecure about the idea.

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Sometimes, yes. When it's all said and done, I don't go to the theater to socialize with others. I go to, you know, watch the movie that I paid to watch.

#28 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

I rarely go to the theaters at all anymore. With that, I've gone alone a few times. I have no issue with it at all.

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Going alone to the movies sounds kinda depressing. When I go I always go with somebody, be it a friend or a relative.

#30 Posted by ninjastar (9513 posts) -

I've never done it. Can't imagine I would ever go alone.

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Most movies do not interest me. If there is one that does, I often go by myself.

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I rarely make it to the theatre these days, but if I do I tend to go alone.

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Since my Dad died :( , I go alone but do not like 99% of the new movies.

#35 Posted by Celldrax (14680 posts) -

Shit, I can't remember the last time I even went to the movies...

If I do one day feel the sudden urge, it'll most likely be by myself.

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Yup. I go alone if it's a movie only I am interested in (eg war flicks). No sense in bringing the wife or kids who'll just bellyache throughout the movie.

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Only to film festivals or art house cinemas if no one is interested in the film I want to see. I have no problem with going alone.

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Oh, all the time! I actually like it because most of my friends like to talk during the movie, and I want to punch them in the throat. But nope! Going by yourself is awesome. You can really focus on the movie that way.

#39 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

@destinhpark said:

Oh, all the time! I actually like it because most of my friends like to talk during the movie, and I want to punch them in the throat. But nope! Going by yourself is awesome. You can really focus on the movie that way.

Agreed. The times I've gone alone have been great.

#40 Posted by CleanPlayer (9822 posts) -

If my girlfriend or friends have no interest in the movie I see and I really wanna see it, I go alone. It's pretty relaxing if you are by yourself because no one can hog your popcorn and it's relatively quiet

#41 Posted by stev69 (114 posts) -

I don't mind to go with someone if they ask me etc but I wouldn't let not having someone to go with stop me from going to see a movie i really wanted to see.

#42 Posted by Zombiekiller360 (374 posts) -

I used to never go to the cinemas alone until i moved to a new city.. Now I go all the time alone it's no problem

#43 Posted by Jd1680a (5949 posts) -

All the time, I saw Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Elysium and Gravity by myself. It's more convenient for me to go alone, I just go at any time I want to without the need of arraignment.

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@SaintLeonidas said:

I usually go alone and prefer to as well. Seeing a film is not an experience that requires multiple people; and I've always been confused as to why some are so insecure about the idea.

I think it derives from the perception that going to the movies is something you do as a couple (i.e. with your girlfriend). This is old fashioned but I guess the perception still remains to some degree.

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I went to the movies alone once, and to be honest, I didn't really notice that much of a difference between going with my friends and going alone. We basically don't talk during the movie - only during the previews and after the movie ended.

Going with my family is a different story; they're always asking questions about the movie which is a little annoying, but I do enjoy their company. Besides, they usually end up paying for me lol.

#47 Posted by Cynical_Buzzard (224 posts) -

I have been to the movies by myself prefer it actually, I wish I had the money to rent out the whole theater to myself.

#48 Posted by DharmaMember77 (2377 posts) -

I've gone to the movies plenty of times alone (mostly for small indie stuff). I do hang out with a few people who are open minded about film so finding somebody who wants to see a movie like Fruitvale Station or Blue Jasmine is pretty easy.

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That would imply that I go to the movies...............................

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@ninjastar said:

I've never done it. Can't imagine I would ever go alone.