Do you/are you going to grad school?

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I plan on it, and now that i'm sure about what I want to do i'm readjusting my plans for it. On the fence about moving to a different university, as well.

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What discipline of study? I've considered returning for an MBA, but don't want to spend the money just to end up in management, miserable.

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I've thought about it. I have an MEng at the moment, which is an undergraduate masters (4 years of undergrad study as opposed to 3, the standard length of a bachelor's degree course in the UK) and nearly accepted a PhD that was offered to me but eventually decided I hadn't put enough thought into it - I went from having no intention of doing a PhD whatsoever to nearly accepting this one in the span of two weeks. I realise that with a PhD it is absolutely essential that you are very interested in the specific topic you're studying, and I'm not sure I've found such a topic yet. One of my friends went to grad school for a chemistry PhD and disliked it because he realised that, although he loved chemistry, he didn't enjoy his specific area enough to put in the commitment required. He suggested I work for a year and think about it so that's what I'm doing now.

You mentioned being on the fence about changing to a different uni, that is also something to think carefully about. With PhDs it's not so much how good the university is but how good your specific supervisor is. However it is also important to be happy in your working environment and have good opportunities outside of your research. Moving to a different uni could be a chance to experience a new place and meet new people. Factors like these that affect your happiness cannot be neglected, though I think they shouldn't take precedence over your choice of supervisor. What are your specific circumstances that make you on the fence about it?

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Law school.

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No.I dislike people too much for that.

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@bforrester420: Sorry late reply, i'm looking to go for either clinical or counseling psychology

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@EJ902: Thanks for the advice, I have been talking to my advisers and most likely I will stay at my current uni. I already have a lot of research options.

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I plan on it.

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If you really enjoy school, go for it. In most fields, you won't really earn much more with a Master's, but if you can get a school to pay you to earn it, it's worth it. The PhD is generally only worth it if you want to be a professor or something, though.

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Yes, I'm a Doctoral Candidate

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I plan on applying to grad school next fall. I'd like to finish school before I turn 30.

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Way too young to decide whether or not I plan to go to Grad school as I am just starting Junior College, but it's definitely not out of the question.

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I'll go for my Masters when my finances are in order.

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At this point I don't think I'll go. However, I'd recommend it to anyone else. Good luck!