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i only use it to loo at funny pics or gifs

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No, it's horrible.

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It's such a foreign looking website to my eyes that I don't even attempt to try.

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Yes, it is both better and worse than off-topic.

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I don't think I do :o

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Can't say I've ever loaded the page.

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I lurk it all the time, never post there though. I go to the AskReddit, WTF, Funny, and Earth Porn (and all the subreddits associated with it) the most often. There's a few others smaller subreddits I visit as well, such as r/History.

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For the most part, it is really, really shitty.

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Every day. It's only shit if you use the default subreddits. It takes an actual effort on the user's part to get the content they want. The larger the subreddit, the lower the quality.

A good example of a smaller, quality subreddit is r/TheWayWeWere or r/Cinemagraphs

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I don't even know what Reddit is, people are always talking about it though.

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Reddit front page content is geared toward the average neckbeard with a high school diploma demographic but the subject-specific subreddits are pretty good.

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Its site design is so unappealing to me.

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Yes. Only to lurk and/or fap to r/gonewild. Can't beat regular chicks posting naked pictures of themselves.

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no doesn't appeal to me.

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Only for the nfsw stuff :P

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Every day. I get good laughs from it and I get to read up on stuff that interests me. The site is only as good as you make it.

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yeah huh

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No, it's a horribly designed website full of cancerous bellends.

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I read it from time to time but don't post there.

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I've only went there like once or twice before.

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@horgen123 said:

Only for the nfsw stuff :P