Did your parents ever give you "The Talk"?

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#51 Posted by YoshiYogurt (5973 posts) -
Once you learned how animals reproduced, I figured humans were similar. This was like 4rth grade. Learned the details in like 5th grade.
#52 Posted by mindstorm (15242 posts) -
No. They asked if I knew about it in a rather awkward manner. I said yes because I thought I knew what they were talking about. I didn't. As such, I learned in school.
#53 Posted by lo_Pine (5048 posts) -
Nope. That's a girl thing, dude. Everyone knows the man can just walk away. Maybe with a $100 a month penalty for child support. No biggie.
#54 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

nah, figured out by trial and error



Trial and error?

#55 Posted by whiskeystrike (12068 posts) -


nah, figured out by trial and error



Trial and error?

yap does it go in the ear? does it go where she pees?
#56 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -



nah, figured out by trial and error



Trial and error?

yap does it go in the ear? does it go where she pees?



How old were you?

#57 Posted by whiskeystrike (12068 posts) -



Trial and error?


yap does it go in the ear? does it go where she pees?



How old were you?

I'm jesting. Sex isn't exactly a difficult concept to grasp, even when young. Of course porn set me up to fail hard during my time of discovery.
#58 Posted by xdude85 (4329 posts) -
No, I just watched a ton of movies and figured it out myself.
#59 Posted by TheWalkingGhost (5049 posts) -
Nope. Learned it all from HBO.
#60 Posted by SaudiFury (8707 posts) -

a little embarressing to say it, but i wasn't even aware of all the details until well into middle school when i came to the US. 


I used to get children encyclopedia's for my birthdays, and the section about sex differences was always missing... 

just things like that. I ended up learning about it thanks to a middle school friend, and the internet...

#61 Posted by invisibletearsx (997 posts) -


All information from health class.

#62 Posted by PiscesChick93 (10687 posts) -

Nope, I learned about it in school. 

#63 Posted by LeBump (88 posts) -

Theve tried, but im from the internet age, I slowly learned from my peers and the internet.

#64 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (15887 posts) -

From my dad? Nope. The best I got from him was, "Don't get any girl pregnant." From my mom? The closest would be her advice of finding and marrying a rich old lady whose clock is running out soon.


Actually, my dad was a big help. When I turned 18, he brought me my first hooker.

#65 Posted by LLYNCES (381 posts) -

My father gave the talk to me when he brought me to work one day when I was eight. I asked him how baby's were created, and he finally told me after I pressured him into it. Prior to that I thought they just flew down from the sky like in the grinch movie. 


#66 Posted by TehFuneral (8026 posts) -

My dad explained it to me very well back in 2nd grade:

"so dad, how do children get born?"

"well son, a man inserts his penis into a women's vagina."

"but dad, why would he do that?"

"Because the man gets a feeling of hapiness and pleasure when he does it son."

#67 Posted by CreatureRising (1530 posts) -

Kinda.  School I think taught me alot more. 

And BSing with friends.

#68 Posted by Wolf-Man2006 (4187 posts) -


[QUOTE="Hallenbeck77"] With or without the instruction manual? :P


Well, I had to break the man-code by looking up instructions. Or else, I would just be terrible at my job, now would I? :cool:

Could be worse--you could have gotten a foreign set of instructions:

"Registerkarte Einfügen A in den Schlitz B...?*  Why the fvck are these instructions in German?!"

*Translated: Insert tab A into slot B.

Wait, I thought Love was the universal language, regardless of who speaks it?

#69 Posted by Blue_Shield (2610 posts) -

Not really.

TV and the VCR took care of that.

#70 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

I'm not surprised at how naive some kids can be.

With lots of overprotective parents,and society being the way it is.

#71 Posted by shadowkiller11 (7953 posts) -
Only time anything resembled a talk was "I know you're getting that age and you know about being safe right?" "SIGH* "Yes" "Ok ok just need to make sure"
#72 Posted by Serraph105 (27739 posts) -
From my dad yeah, but then again we had already covered it in depth back in 5th grade. I'm grateful for it though.
#73 Posted by soulless4now (41360 posts) -
I learned everything from HBO After Dark at age 5. TV was so much more informative back then.Allicrombie
I learned things from Showtime when I was 5.
#74 Posted by sukraj (21902 posts) -


#75 Posted by TonyDanzaFan (2973 posts) -
No they made me watch "The View".
#76 Posted by Novotine (1199 posts) -

nope, had a sex ed class in 5th grade though. they gave us deodorant and taught us about our penis's



also had the whole sex ed course in 10th grade

#77 Posted by DaBrainz (7623 posts) -
My dad handed me a book on the subject after I was caught listening to a 2livecrew tape in 5th grade.
#78 Posted by djshowstopper87 (451 posts) -
My dad told me some when I was 11 going on 12 ( it was awkward and funny). The rest I learned in health class which was also a funny experience because learning about sex and STD's at that age with classmates is sure to bring jokes etc.
#79 Posted by SirWander (5176 posts) -


#80 Posted by FMAB_GTO (14385 posts) -
My mom mentioned some stuff....but nothing "deep" >.>
#81 Posted by Azorius_Senator (43 posts) -
My parents never gave me "the talk", I found out about sexual intercourse through my school in the eighth grade.
#82 Posted by Scissorman88 (173 posts) -
#83 Posted by jesuschristmonk (3302 posts) -

Pretty much, though I learned really everything from my friend's family, and the internet/television. Sadly, I understood really everything at a pretty late age (I'd say around 16). I think my parents really just forgot to tell me everything lol.

#84 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -

Nope not at all. 

#85 Posted by roadwish (425 posts) -

I am pretty sure that is blown way out of proportion by the movies because none of my friends have received it because these days you learn enough of it in school.

#86 Posted by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -