Did you like Tron Legacy?

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I honestly never got all the hate... In the film industry its pretty heavily praised for its visuals and its soundtrack (Daft Punk is amazing) and hell Jeff bridges is an awesome actor, but I've notice that a few fans of the original, heavily dislike Tron Legacy..but why? is it acting of the protagonist? Because I get that he's not that great, but the rest of the movie is pretty good! You can't honestly tell me you didn't fall in the love with the visual style the first time you saw it!

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I am one of the few who enjoyed it. It never going to win any kind of awards but it was good movie overall.

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I kinda liked it, but I think where it lost most people was the second half. By then the "wow" factor had worn off and there was very little reason to care.

Olivia Wilde is crazy hot though..........

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Yes I liked it. I liked Tron: Uprising more though and then evil Disney decided to tank the show.

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It was meh, kind of boring

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No. And CG young Jeff Bridges was creepy as fuck. When it first appeared on screen I wanted to scream "THAT'S OBVIOUSLY NOT YOUR REAL FATHER!!" to Sam Flynn. :/

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@Crunchy_Nuts: And they left it in such a great cliffhanger.

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It was an enjoyable movie.

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I didn't like it at first but it grew on me

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Tron Legacy was a fun movie.

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I loved Tron Legacy, and Garrett Hedlund is one of my favorite actors currently.

EDIT - Also, the soundtrack was kick ass.

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That script was ass

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Havent watched it.

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Great movie. Am hoping for the sequel soon. And also hoping Jeff Bridges is in it. Also my favorite ost.