Did you like PE in high school/ Do you like PE?

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Poll: Did you like PE in high school/ Do you like PE? (15 votes)

Hated PE with a passion... 73%

I personally love PE. A good balance of education,video games and physical activity is always a good thing... I think :p

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No the exercises were way too easy for me.

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Doucebags love PE at me school

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sums up for me.

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I liked to do PE in tha bushes.

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I love PE. I was very good at it in high school and still play sports in college. Physical activity is healthy too so yeah I love it:)

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Hated it. Was never good at any sports. Although now that I'm old I go to my fitness center and enjoy working out - at my OWN pace.

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I liked PE when they let us do our own thing in the weight room or track. The team sports not so much.

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it was normally fun, but i would always get it right in the morning and i hated sweating then having to go to other classes. because of that, i ended up doing easy stuff like walking, ping pong, and kickball.

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We just played dodgeball all the time. I enjoyed it.

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Where is the "both" option

i loved it on days we played Town Ball or Bombardment(they had to change the name and add in a few rules, but it was basically dodgeball). oddly enough, i liked the days we ran the Mile. we didnt do anything else besides that. so id just get it done as fast as i could. usually ran a 8 minute mile. then relaxed the rest of the class.

days where we played baseball, basketball or excercised the whole day and things like that, i didnt care much for.

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Hated it in high school because they forced you to change your clothes. When I decide what outfit I want for the day, that's it. I'm not changing. So, I took the penalty every gym class and got a D.

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I hated it with every fiber of my being. I was glad when I no longer needed to take the class.

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Hated it in high school. Now I enjoy it.

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No, completely useless.

I remember an occasion where we had to do some dangerous gymnastic exercise and I refused to participate.

My gym teacher told me I would get a 5 out of 10 if I wouldn't do it. So I said I was happy to take that 5 that I was going to get anyway, only now I wouldn't get myself seriously hurt. I said it wasn't worth it to risk breaking my neck for a 5 during PE. I had other goals for my life and PE wasn't part of that goal.

I do like exercise though, at my own pace. I'm pretty fit and in good shape.

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Hated it with a passion and did everything I could to avoid participating. I loved playing sports in programs outside of school, but P.E. programs in school are dangerously stupid and should only exist as an elective course and not compulsory.

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@Detroit222 said:

Hated it. Was never good at any sports. Although now that I'm old I go to my fitness center and enjoy working out - at my OWN pace.

Same, I go to the gym regularly and it feels amazing.

Didn't hate it though. I passed the physical tests, not anything good/stand out, but the theory (health stuff) half I aced. So I got an 85%+ avg.

Still not good at any sports though and not wanting to try.

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neither. pe was pointless since i got plenty of exercise in extracurricular activities. didn't love it, didn't hate it

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I enjoyed the dodgeball part of PE >_>

Aside from that I had a knack for being decent at the unpopular sports like soccer, volleyball, badmitton, etc. The kind of stuff high school boys aren't exactly proud to admit that they are forced to play. I was shit at things like football and basketball which was the stuff we spent the majority of our time on.

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For the most part, yes, with the exception of me being pantsed one day. (my drawers came down with it - not a good day)

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The physical education classes in my old HS were super shitty. Had this basketball coach teach us and he was fuckin clueless, typical jock shit were we'd usually have to do some team sports and he'd ALWAYS pick 2 of the most popular kids as captains and us more geeky/less trendy kids would always be picked last. It was such a self esteem killer having other kids laugh at the last few kids left and the useless PE 'teacher' does nothing but promote that elitest bullshit, Fuck PE. We were forced to do it, I always thought it should be optional. If I have a kid I'll happily write an excuse note for them if they don't want to go through that crap.

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I hate PE.

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My favorite time during the school day was PE.