Did you know that A Capella can sound pretty awesome?

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So I came across this incredible A Capella cover of the song Royals by Lorde via random youtube sidebar suggestion, and I am totally blown away. This is totally not my normal style of song (not just the A Capella part...) but God I am totally hooked right now.

I am curious as to what OT thinks here. Is this the best A Capella you have seen or have you seen better?

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There's some great ones. Lots of cool video-in-video people on youtube singing complete arrangements of songs with just their own voice mashed together.

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Yes, I do. Did you know that sandwiches can taste good?

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I don't think that's one of their best. Personally, I like their "Somebody I Used to Know" and "Radioactive".

Straight No Chasers have some good songs, too.

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Yes, I think everyone knows that a cappella can sound awesome.

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Speaking as someone who's done a lot of choral music... Uhh, duh?

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Of course it can sound cool

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I thought acapella mean't no instruments.

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this is better

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@Fightingfan said:

I thought acapella mean't no instruments.

It does....