Did they swear nearly as much back then as they did on Deadwood?

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Did they swear as much in the wild west back then?

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I doubt it, the Wild West was still set in the late 1800's wasn't it.

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From Wiki:

From its debut, Deadwood has drawn attention for its use of extremely explicit, modern profanity, especially among the more coarse characters. It is a deliberateanachronismon the part of the creator with a twofold intent. Milch has explained in several interviews and on the DVD commentary tracks that the characters were originally intended to use period slang and swear words. Such words, however, were based heavily on the era's deep religious roots and tended to be more blasphemous than scatological. Instead of being shockingly crude (in keeping with the tone of a frontier mining camp), the results sounded downright comical. As one commentator put it "… if you put words like 'goldarn' into the mouths of the characters on 'Deadwood', they'd all wind up sounding likeYosemite Sam."

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Man, I miss that show. Anyways, I've always wondered that myself.
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Let me check. ... .. . Yes they did.
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I doubt it, the Wild West was still set in the late 1800's wasn't it.

In a hard living frontier camp with unsavory characters and where life was tough. Deadwood was the original sin city, and with no law, it was also the most dangerous and violent city in America at the time. So I don't think many manners were used.
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"All the ****suckers of Deadwood"

Note: Contains naughty language.

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I'm sure there was swearing...but not the same words.