Dexter Season Finale (What do you expect?!) *Spoilers*

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I just saw Episode 11 of season 7, and while it was a meh episode, slow at some parts by the time that guy said, I'm sure you're working with "her" I knew that it was too good to be true.

Season 7 is definetly one going to end loud and we'll see how it's all gonna work out this Sunday 16.

Personally I think that we've seen pretty incriminating evidence going back on season 2 when they found dexter's blood slides box I was scared but now, I'm sh*ting bricks!! I can see no posible way of dexter escaping this time, even killing Laguerta is out of the question I mean it would make too much noise, I really hope they don't catch him. :?

What about you OT any dexter fans out there? What do you think of season 7, what are you expecting for the finale?

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Still think Deb poisoned herself.
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Still think Deb poisoned herself.Chiddaling
I thought I was the only one thinking that :o Not necesarily that she poisoned herself, I have friends who don't like the pill's taste so they crush them and put them on water, then again we've been seeing deb taking those as if they were tic tacs during this whole season