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Do you like them?

i love them, soo good. we are having them with our ham tonight.:D


Do you like them?

Deviled Eggs

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They are one of my favorite food items.
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I do like 'em.

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Never had them but they certainly look interesting.

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I can have like 6-8 before feeling bad.
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I like them. My Ma makes them without relish for me if I want to eat any.
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the devil is bad, mmkay/ also, what a silly topic.
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Great going down, but I don't eat them because they stick around. Those sulphur burps are nasty.

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I loooooooooooooooooooooove deviled eggs
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My mother always make it during the 80's .......... I tought this recipe extinct
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I love 'em, mmmm

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eggs of all kinds