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Are there any genuinely excellent Cyberpunk or Steampunk books out there? I mean besides Neuromancer of course.

If anyone's got suggestions I'd like to hear them.

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The first two that come to mind are Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, and The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester.

The Stars My Destination actually predates cyberpunk by about 30 years, but it's still balls-to-the-wall awesome.

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Daemon by Daniel Suarez. It's not exactly pure cyberpunk, but it was a good read none the less.

As for steam punk try The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson.

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Cherie Priest has several steampunk books under what's called the Clockwork Century, Boneshaker, Clementine, Dreadnought, Ganymede, Inexplicables, and Fiddlehead. Haven't read through the series myself, started on one of the books years back but got distracted, thinking about returning to the first book.