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how come you do not create topics?

creating topics provides incentive for you to come back here and see the replies and while you wait, you can reply to other topics. after you leave, people will reply to your topic and/or to your reply in another topic.

so how come people don't make topics more often? it will help liven this place up.

CREATE TOPICS PEOPLE!!! Save OT! this place can't die. :(

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Tried that a couple of years ago. Didn't work out too well.

Guess I'm scarred.

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indeed, there is a bit of an unwelcoming atmosphere about speaking up.

if it doesnt get locked, posters get accosted by other users for not saying the right thing the right way, or just get ignored completely.

on the other hand, finding a group that wont bury anything interesting in nonsense is getting rarer and rarer. board nazis or all crap everything always. more times than not i'll side with high standards

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Can't think of an off-topic topic, maybe what I'm thinking about or what I thought about was already posted and me posting it again might get be into some trouble...???

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I don't care enough to make a new topic. I'm cool with posting in existing threads.

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I'd rather post nothing than read your topics....wait.....shit