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Me and a couple buds are doing something for a school project (its to complicating to explain) and we are trying to think of a good group name. The best ones I've heard so far are Reality Check, Next Generation,cannibalistic souls, and strictly dope. Anyone have any ideas for what would be a cool group name? Note they have to be in a serious tone to match the project, I know its kinda hard to make a name for a group that you have no idea what it is about but its too complicating to explain so any cool group names would be very helpful.
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Note they have to be in a serious tone to match the project, Mapleleafs4life

Like Cannibalistic Souls for example?

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i didnt like that name personally but one of my group members liked it...
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kim kardashians number 1 fans
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strictly dope Mapleleafs4life

:lol: winner

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i used to have a vegas team called the final solution
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the get busy brothers
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The dudes that do stuff.
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The dudes that do stuff. lucas_kelly

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The Chubby Chasers.
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Beneath The Tide.
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The pwnerers who have friends and play teh cs source. Not that there's anything wrong with cs.
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Awesum Group Name
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WeWill Fail

That's a great name...

Born Losers

Afraidof Success

Gimmean F

Unattractive Strippers

The CSection

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ot posters
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Maple And The Beef Curtains.
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The We Asked On Gamespot For This Name Guys