Convincing someone online to change their worldview?

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We all know the Internet is a place where people constantly argue to the point where it seems like the discussion won't change anything. Left VS Right, Theist VS Atheist, Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice, PS4 VS Xbox One, and so on. My question is, have you ever convinced someone on the Internet that they were wrong, and they changed some way they viewed the world based on your persuasion? I'm not saying it's impossible, but it would be pretty impressive. Maybe it's hard to know, as that person would never admit it to you. Thoughts?

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i've gotten maybe 2 or 3 people to admit they were wrong, which is a miraculous feat in and of itself. i doubt i've changed anyone's view..maybe opened them up to new ideas, but no "you've shown me the way, brotha" type of thing.

oh and left, theist, pro-choice, and i don't see a reason for next gen consoles to exist, so upgrading my pc.

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I got someone to stop level boosting

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Best I've ever done is get someone to realize that their arguments are stupid, but I don't think I've ever gotten someone to pull a full 180. They normally come back with points that are harder to shoot down.

Still supporting a wrong ideal with stronger evidence you had to dig for and study is better than blindly believing something without reason. It may even get them to change their stance over time the more they research it and question what they read.