Cleaning your ears

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So yeah my doctor got onto me because I Q-tip my ears. Yeah I know I risk an eardrum puncture if I'm not careful, but it feels like sex and I can't stand having my ears gunked up. She said the only thing that should go into my ears is my pinky finger, but hell that won't get the job done.

How do you folks clean your ears? Are you a Q-tipper? A toilet-paper twister? The earpiece of your sunglasses? How say you?

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My doctor told me to use a washcloth.

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only a pinky, fuck that. all that does is push the wax further in. then you cant hear correctly.

i use a bobby pin. i use the looped end to get the wax out.

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I use one of them tiny earwax spoon scoopy thingies. My family is Korean so we've always had those lying around as they have always been all the rage in Asia. They are effective and satisfying as all hell.

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To avoid putting sores in my ear, I use Q-tips or paper tiles, whichever is the closest. Usually when I use my pinky, my nail ends up scratching the walls of my ear, leading to an irritating cut that causes me to continuously scratch at my ear....

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Don't know why doctors get their panties in a twist over sticking things in your ears. Do it slowly and carefully and you won't do anything.

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As bizarre as it sounds, apparently some people use hydrogen peroxide, but if you ask me... something that goes on cuts should stay the hell away from your ears.

Pretty sure that whole hydrogen peroxide thing is just a way for tumblr to get people to hurt themselves, but I haven't looked into it.

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I just dig out the wax with my fingernail in the shower. It gets about 90% more wax out of my ear than a Q-tip.

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The best method is to have your ears syringed by your GP, which removes the excessive ear wax. I had it done. It's quick and painless. And the results are worthwhile.

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I just unfold a paper clip and use the smaller loop to diglett dig, diglett dig, trio, trio, trio.

I wish I had Diglett's in my ear cleaning my ear wax out.

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I am a Q-Tip and the ends of my Apple headphones when the need arises type of guy.

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Cotton swab .... because I'm not american

also .... ear pick wt LED light ... made in japan .... (someone will clean my ears...)

use everytime after shower absorb excess water inside ears

sometimes ....

I use this

into my ears .... and the tickling sensation is amazing

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@hippiesanta said:

sometimes ....

I use this

into my ears .... and the tickling sensation is amazing

H202 is useless


But multiple randomized, controlled trials -- the best kind of research -- show that hydrogen peroxide does not prevent or treat infections in wounds. Not only that, hydrogen peroxide slows healing and may even cause cellular damage. That bubbling you see? It's probably the hydrogen peroxide attacking you.

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In India poor ear cleaning guys do it for you on street for a meagre sum ... lol ...

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I use these :

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This is very important; good thread. After the beach my ear gets water there is a drop for that.

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A little slow tonight, innit?

I always ask that of all my friends. I just like the sound of it.

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q-tip. anyone with rudimentary control of their limbs can ensure they do not damage their eardrums when using them.