Christmas stuff in stores already

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Does it annoy you when stores will put out Christmas items and decorations the day after Halloween ends? What I mean of Christmas items is when they put products on sale for the intent for someone to buy it as a gift for someone else.

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No. I have real things to be concerned about. It's silly to be annoyed by something so small that impacts me so little.

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Actually I work at wal-mart and they've been setting up Christmas stuff for about 3 weeks now.

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xmas is just a few weeks away so no I'm not surprised by this.

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No it doesn't bother me. I expect it. Retail stores need the holiday to make a profit. Naturally they want to get shoppers thinking about the season. And It's almost here anyway.

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Actually I work at wal-mart and they've been setting up Christmas stuff for about 3 weeks now.

Same for Target. The Christmas stuff and the Halloween stuff have been side-by-side for a while.

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doesnt bother me at all.

love christmas

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That's nothing--the local Macy's here started selling Christmas stuff since the last week of September. It was a small section at first, but grew within the last few weeks.

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I actually started buying gifts last month, its just logical. THey want to make as much money as possible. If you see it, you'll want to buy it. Christmas decorations are a reminder for you to spend your $$$ hard earned cash.

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It's not uncommon to see Christmas stuff in stores even before Halloween. But anyway, they should wait a bit longer before putting Christmas items up.

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No it doesn't bother me. Seems pretty childish to me for it to bother somebody.

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Doesn't bother me. Favourite time of the year.

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Say hi to capitalism.

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It's the mOst wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeaaaaarrrr

So why not remind us the wonderfulness of the season early.

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Is this your first time in a retail store at this time of the year?

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Doesn't bother me. Favourite time of the year.

Mine too

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Lets go shopping my fellow atheist

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Say hi to capitalism.

Yup Christmas was supposed spending time with your family and friends.

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Remember the news article about christmas food that expired before christmas, been happening for years, it just means there are more sales and less chance for me to forget to buy something. I like getting everything nice and early so it suits me fine.

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There were holiday aisles at the store a week before Halloween. Thought that was a little weird.