Broadband good enough for gaming?

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Hi Guys,

So im new to these forums and online gaming in general. Ive heard people get quite annoyed when gamers have slow or "laggy" connections hindering online game quality so im just wondering before I jump straight into a game of BF3 online if my connection will suffice for lag free or at least decent gameplay?? I live in the country so what i'm getting is the best service in my area sadly! Any opinions? :)

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Should be fine

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That will be fine. Heck I played games with 3G modem a few years ago way less than that. I used to game on 56k but games were made for dial up back then lol been awhile.

On a side note how is Ireland? My wife would love to vacation there. Her mothers side is 100% Irish yet it goes back so far that non of them have ever been there. It would make them really jealous lol.

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Ping is more important than download and upload speeds when it comes to online gaming. Broadband should be good for what you want as long as other people aren't running large downloads or torrents on the same line while you play.

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I played xbox live using DSL that had maybe a 1.3 meg dl speed and .6 up and it worked fine.

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As long as you're not doing any serious hosting I think you'll be fine. Lag, unfortunately can be caused by anyone. It's the nature of the beast when gaming online. I have Fios (fiber optics) with speeds of about 60 down and 35 up and still run into the occasional lag.

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cool thanks guys! :)

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@AutoPilotOn: Yea man Irelands a cool place to live. If you dont mind the odd rain shower theres some really scenic areas to see, would recommend a visit!