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I am considering purchasing a Harry Potter box set from because I am not able to find it reasonably priced elsewhere and have been trying to determine whether or not I am going to be charged additional fees not included in my order (cost of item + shipping).

Is it only possible that I will be charged any customs fees or duty? The total price of my order currently sits around $144. I just don't want to be surprised later with some huge additional fee.

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You know you can get the Harry Potter hardcover box set in a wooden trunk box for $110 at the scholastic website right? You can also get the paperback versions at Barns and Noble for less than $60 (hardcover set for $123). $144 sound a little bit ridiculous to me.

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@ferrari2001: that might be a good alternative, the particular set I was looking at is the signature edition so it's also the British versions if you will and that was enticing to me.

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No need to spend an overabundance of cash on the Harry Potter series. It's a mediocre series at best. Being popular doesn't necessarily make it good literature. It's a decent read, and recommended because of it's impact on culture but there is far better literature to spend that kind of money on. Buy a cheaper copy so you can simply enjoy it for what it is.

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Amazon tells you exactly what you're charged at the end of the ordering phase.

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@airshocker said:

Amazon tells you exactly what you're charged at the end of the ordering phase.

^ This. The cost of shipping should include ALL aspects of the shipping costs.