Blackfish 2013 Documentary

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CNN has been airing the 2013 documentary film which originally premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in January, so I watched it to learn about SeaWorld and its treatment of orcas and the trainers who have interacted with them.

What do you all who have watched this film think about it?

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Save the whales!

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i thought it was a really good film. I knew about this stuff already. zoo and circus owners are also guilty of a lot of those same crimes. it is crazy how they can get away with covering up a lot of the accidents, that was very sad. I felt worse for the trainers then i did for the whales. this won't deter me away from seeing these shows, just like super size me did not make me stop eating fast food. I am not ignorant on the subject, it is just that these things will continue to go on whether I choose to protest against them or not.

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Haven't Seenit but I do live on the Olympic Peninsula and have seen super pods of Orca where there is like 80 of em off the San Juan Islands and it is AWESOME~

So im not a fan of seeing them crammed into small pools~