BlackBerry owners help me out my curve 8520 doesnt turn off fully.

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Please Trolls stay out I know BB's arent as good as androids and iphones but BlackBerry Messenger was to good to resist. Ok now on topic basically my BB doesnt turn off completely it turns off but it just goes into a kind of sleep mode.It doesnt re boot or anything when I press the red phon button it takes 4 secs then it turns on again.I still loose battery.

I have tried the following

1.Putting an alarm on same thing still happends.

2.Doing a battery pull when I put my battery back in it just reboots it doesnt stay off.

3.There are no apps that will help.

4.Auto on and off does nothing

Also I dont know how to find out my OS but I will just write what it says in settings "v5.0.0.681 (bundle 1168,platform

Please help 

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Can't read
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Can't readMonsieurX
Then how did you type your message?
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Cant read
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[QUOTE="MonsieurX"]Can't readSuperNovaftw
Then how did you type your message?

It's the color of your font.  I believe most of us use the grey background, so black text would be somewhat difficult to read.

As for your problem, do those things come with a warranty?  Did you get one for it?  Replace that sucker.  However, is "sleep mode" not a viable option for the device?  I haven't shut down my computer in a very long time, I just put it to sleep, with occasional restarts for updates.

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Hope you're proud of yourself. 



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You guys happy now? I never even knew you could change the background just found out now jheeze.


I probably selected grey by accident since I used red first :oops:


now please help