Best Let's Players to watch on Youtube?

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Looking for Let's players to watch on youtube that I might not know who they are.

And please don't suggest Pewdiepie. I know who he is.

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Game Grumps

James Rolfe (AVGN) and Mike Matei

Two Best Friends Play

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@f22_king_raptor: Thank You,but I already know about all those youtubers.

Plus, James & Mike (Cinemassacre) produce the best youtube videos.

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Two best friends. Northernlion.

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Cr1tikal is really the only funny one although he doesn't really do LPs.

TBF have game industry experience so I guess they're one of the most informative.

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GamersDissent plays a lot of strategy type games that are not well known. For some of the slower games he does some heavy editing, so they're usually short, but full of content. Also, he sounds a lot like Nathan Lane, whether that's a good thing or not is up to you.

quill18 also does strategy games, but does a lot of the more popular ones, like the civilization series, and doesn't edit the videos. Typical videos last about 30 min, but he does do very long live streams.

MrNintendoFanMan is pretty funny, especially when he plays with his friends.

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@f22_king_raptor said:

Game Grumps

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SSoHPKC Pretty big name. I just like him for his easy going, laid back attitude.

NakaTeleeli Another laid back LPer. Plays a lot of Japanese games, a good portion of them being pretty niche, so if that's not your thing, just ignore this.

Maximilian If you like fighting games. If not, he also has a second channel for non fighting game playthroughs called YoVideogames.

Masterkizz A lot of BL2 stuff, but he plays other things as well.

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Critical (penguinz) is freaking hilarious. Volund and Cosmic Contrarian are two Scottish youtubers who play every game on the max difficulty if you like watching someone be challenged.

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I watch the Angry Joe reviews, and some gameplay. Besides that, i don't know, but Gamespot has their own page, pretty cool .