As far as religion goes.

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Not sure what op is. I'd say I try to follow Christianity.
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I'm not telling.
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just uninterested?


I now I am.

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as oxymoronic as it will sound.


cultural Sunni Muslim.

is about as precise in terms of conflicting definitions that make up my belief structure.


do you know where GazaAli is

I wondered the same thing, did a search, which led me to your post.

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Abbey of the Everyman 

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Agnosticism, as most others have probably said. It's sort of being in limbo, not really knowing. To be honest we're all agnostic, because none of us really know for sure. But the rest all boils down to beliefs. I am atheist. I am adamant that there is no God, but considering I live in a heavily Christian state, I don't voice it very often, and when I do, I get weird looks. I have been lectured on how sinful my beliefs are in the past, but my own classmates.
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Religion should unite all hearts and cause wars and disputes to vanish from the face of the earth; it should give birth to spirituality, and bring light and life to every soul. If religion becomes a cause of dislike, hatred and division, it would be better to be without it... Any religion which is not a cause of love and unity is no religion. Abdu'l-Bahá
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Catholic with exceptions