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Piracy is easier than ever today and some people don't even realise they are pirates because it is everyday life. Some people are against it completely, some people see benefits about it. That comes down to a matter of opinion.

Eg: Friend gets the new Chris Brown album and you copy it from his phone onto yours. That is piracy.

Whether it is Ebooks,movies,music,series etc, have you obtained any of it through piracy?

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Are you a pirate, OP?

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Never spent a dime on software.

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I suppose I am.

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of course i am. a really cute one.

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I've been known to kidnap, rape, and pillage on the high seas occasionally. Wait, you meant the other kind of pirate.

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In High School computer science, my teacher showed a step by step guide on how to play Super Mario World from his computer. After I saw that, it was history.

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With Music and Movies, yeah i am. I buy my games.

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Blunt and straight to the point:-P

What platform do you game on out of curiousity?

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Waiting for Pirate to show up :P

Also, sometimes, mostly for movies. Music I buy everything, games it's about 50/50. For movies I go to the theater quite often, but still not even near to how much I download :(

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@Netret0120 said:


Blunt and straight to the point:-P

What platform do you game on out of curiousity?

PC obviously. I don't game anymore though, had to sell my gaming PC a few months ago.

Anyway I mostly pirate productivity software, music, movies/series and books.

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@GazaAli said:

Never spent a dime on software.

Nothing of which to be proud.....

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While discussion about piracy and the implications are allowed, a thread asking if you break the law?? Come on now.