Are retail entertainment stores dying?

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Poll: Are retail entertainment stores dying? (11 votes)

Yes 73%
No 18%
Well... 9%

So many stores in my area have been closing in regards to entertainment: Barnes and Nobles, FYE, Gamestop, and Best Buy. Any one else feel that they're dying? It's so hard for me to go find a DVD store now.

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I don't think they will die outright. The large ones that you listed probably will, because they've become so unsustainable (having such large/ so many stores, campaigns, and other things that cost way too much money).

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Yes torrenting is killing them alright

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@vl4d_l3nin said:

I don't think they will die outright. The large ones that you listed probably will, because they've become so unsustainable (having such large/ so many stores, campaigns, and other things that cost way too much money).

certain companies are also just running themselves into the ground for the sake of turning a profit.

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As digital content and internet shopping becomes more prevalent tar and mortar stores become more expendable. Those chain stores either will adapt or die; and sometimes adaptation includes the realization that closing stores is necessary.

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In ways yes, we used to have lots of retail outlets for entertainment in malls and such like FYE, Sam Goody, Suncoast, for buying CDs and DVDs. They were overpriced, but I remember Best Buy buying Sam Goody then closing down their stores. I didn't mind at the time, they were overpriced on lots of stuff, and Best Buy tended to carry a more robust selection of media entertainment. Best Buy also used to be a great place to shop for games, when the Xbox and PS2 were out I used to be able to go into any Best Buy it seemed nearly every game ever released would be available, and lots of older discounted games and greatest hits were available. These days, they only carry what's hot, the best selling titles, or for less popular titles still on the shelves it's as if they're trying to get rid of overstock. Stores no longer have that cheap robust selection that made me shop there. About the only refuge left for finding movies and games cheap seems to be online retailers like Amazon. Publishing has also changed a lot, we see less of it. This means picking stuff up when it becomes available or not picking it up at all. It's turned safe mediums like movies, music, games, nearly into comic book collecting, get it when it comes out or run the risk of retailers not carrying it and hunting down rare new/used copies in the future that might cost more.

Barnes & Nobles also depress me, it's not I find them diminishing in quality or anything. They're always roughly the same size (minus the area for the non-Starbucks Starbucks they have in each one). They can only carry so much, that's why I love used book stores when I used to live in Seattle. They had them all over, great place for cheap books and a lot of out of print or rare edition stuff, and they were all over. After moving to So-Cal, it's void of bookstores, it's Barnes & Noble and that's it, and they're rare. I'm not surprised, I think I read that 3 or 4 out of 10 of the least literate cities in the US are in California. The lack of bookstores down here is really depressing. And it sucks since all these people rely on is big book retail stores and Borders books is no longer around, as I actually found they had much larger selections of books, and better deals. But they went belly up a few years ago.

Anyhow, it's like DVD and Blu-ray publishers don't even care anymore. I mean, when they released the LOTR Blu-rays I heard tons of people bitch about what a cheap rushed job they did on it... man, it's like we're living in China now, we expect cheap Chinese shit for everything. Maybe they think that because all our shit comes from China. I remember when DVDs first came out and they were demoing them in shops, they showed off DVDs would be loaded with special features like multiple language tracks like english, spanish, french, and handful of other subtitle support, special features galore, making of features, original trailers... no it's like most stuff that comes out is very bare bones.

But, we have this discussion and there's a lot of external factors that have changed the face of media entertainment. For instance there's the digital streaming world of services like Netflix and Hulu that have probably done a lot to hurt sales of physical video media. There's the used game market and that's undoubtedly changed the way games are sold at gaming retailers. Books have gotten more expensive over the years too, and people are becoming more interested in instant gratification kind of mediums of entertainment, like watch television or looking for funny shit on YouTube. And let's not forget the downward trends in the economy over the years, the American middle class and their expendable income has been steadily shrinking over the years, and that's going to effect their consumer decisions as well.

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Don't remind me about Borders, I miss that place so damn much. Hell, the people who found it went to my University and their headquarters was on campus ;_;

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Sadly, yes. The internet became a double-edged sword in this one.

R.I.P Borders.

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Man, Borders was the best. I still have my key chain reward mini card ;), I love you Borders!!!!!!!!!

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We have a Borders memorial on campus. TT~TT

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Over here in Australia they still reign supreme and will probably still do so for many years later while we play catch-up with internet technology.

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They open things before they sell them. THEY BREAK THE SEALS. They deserve to die.

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Digital is taking over the market. More and more companies seem to be going the "on demand" route with cloud storage to watch on multiple devices, blah blah blah, than actually owning physical copies anymore. While it is convenient, I don't like it. I only ever watch movies on my TV. What the hell do I need an app to watch on my phone or tablet for?? Are people really that out of touch with reality that they feel the need to be glued to their devices anymore?!

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I can't remember the last time a brought a a dvd ftom a store. I buy my movies from itunes and if I can't find the movie on iTunes I buy the dvd from amazon.

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I honestly think Barnes and Noble isn't going to be around much longer.

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@JDWolfie said:

I honestly think Barnes and Noble isn't going to be around much longer.

Agreed. With their prices on movies and music, I'm surprised they're still around now.