apple files a patent for iproduct design. and we all /facepalm

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apple has repatented the physical deesign of the iproducts. specifically the rounded rectangular ones.

they have been awarded this patent and basically they now have it down to exact measurements and bezzels and etc

they also now have drawing in the patents folder as before they did not.

however this does not excuse them from patenting a rounded corner rectangle for a second time.

prior to this they had simply patented its shape in a very broad and general fashion with a written statement containing no actual dimensions or even a diagram.

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Oh we have this topic already
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Gamespot is going to get sued. Look up!

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Apple's getting arrogant & wants to monopolize the tablet market. I think that they need to be knocked down a peg or two.

[QUOTE="dave123321"]Oh we have this topic alreadyShinobi120