Anyone know about Anemia?

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Well I've been having problems (symptoms)

-Light headedness, making it hard to walk

-Burning eyes

And some others symptoms that had my Doctor pointing to Anemia.

From the looks of it, it might not be serious.

But you never know.

So I was wondering if anyone has had Anemia, knows more about this, while I wait for my lab results to come back next week.

I'm kinda worried and anxious to be honest

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"Anemia" is a pretty broad condition. Sometimes it's a symptom of something else, sometimes all you really need to do is consume more iron in your diet. I don't think you have that much to worry about if your doctor seems to think you're just anemic and nothing more

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@JML897: Gracias.

It sucks, I'm a very active person, and I was pretty devastated that I wasn't physically able to exercise at all.

I'm like the hard headed granpa that thinks he can still do everything with his battered lungs....for now

And I sold my xbox, so even when I'm restricted to my bed, it's even more boring.

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Yeah my wife is anemic, she doesn't eat enough iron-rich foods, so she started taking an iron supplement and she's doing ok now.

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@huggybear1020: I'm curious, did iron supplements bring her back to her normal state?

Or is she doing well enough.

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Have a small cup of raw almonds everyday. Make sure you chew them well (swallow when it's a paste, no chunks) , and you'll get a lot of easily absorbed nutrients including iron, naturally, and you'll shit bricks due to the fiber content. If you turn out to be anemic, definitely take the iron supllement as well, and it wouldn't hurt to also take a vitamin d3 supplement if you're going to be in the habit of taking vitamins.

When does the light headiness occur?