Anyone else think Captain America is lame?

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#1 Posted by Film-Guy (26778 posts) -
He has got to be one of the cheesiest heroes ever, his name for one is terrible. The over the top patriotism that he is rooted in when he used to smash commies during the cold war doesnt help his cheesy image. I dont get why such an incredibly lame hero is so popular.
#2 Posted by ClawKiller (666 posts) -

Its cos he an throw his shield.

Hes pretty cool in the Ulyimate Marvel Universe, but hes dead in Earth 616.

#3 Posted by Jazz_Fan (29516 posts) -
He's pretty bad but not as bad as Captain Planet.
#4 Posted by web966 (11656 posts) -
I've never really liked him
#5 Posted by Film-Guy (26778 posts) -

He's pretty bad but not as bad as Captain Planet.Jazz_Fan

Captain Planet haunted my dreams as a child, he would tell me that the power was mine but then he would punch me in the face and eat me alive...

#6 Posted by Oleg_Huzwog (21885 posts) -

It's because of how the character is written. Every, and I mean EVERY, hero in the Marvel universe looked upon and spoke of Captain America in utter awe. It's natural for readers to follow.

#7 Posted by sammyjenkis898 (28307 posts) -
I've never liked him. I've never liked Iron Man either.
#8 Posted by shyskillz (4197 posts) -
Capt. America was ok back in the day but i always thought he was lame too. i liked his shield and bike more then i liked him.
#9 Posted by Hungry_bunny (14293 posts) -
I've seen very few comics about this guy on the other side of the ocean. Don't know much about him so it's hard to offer an opinion. Pretty much indifferent about the character, never thought that the costume was cheesy but it looks kind of old-fashioned if that makes any sense, like an old Uncle Sam poster.
#10 Posted by CBR600-RR (9690 posts) -
All comic heroes are lame. Except for one, Wolverine.
#11 Posted by lucky326 (3799 posts) -
Captain Planet: "Protect the enviroment or I'll ******* kill you....CAPTAIN PLANET". Best quote ever.