Anti-gun policy hitting a new low?

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@airshocker: Don't feel sorry for me, I'm a very happy person. And I'm not trusting of people in general, but so far I've had no reason to distrust the police...they have always been there for me, and when called show up in a couple minutes. Also, despite what you might believe, not owning a gun does not mean you are incapable of defending yourself...I've had to defend myself a few times, and yes, in those situations it would probably be easier to pull the trigger than to punch them in the face, but then they would be dead and resting and I'd be the one having to deal with the fact I killed a person, no thanks. Although, all of this is pointless, since I don't know anybody who owns a fact, I have never seen anyone with a gun other than my uncle who was a hunter and a policeman or two (they don't normally carry them).

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@korvus I can understand why your wife has had stalkers because she's a musician, but what did people stalk you for? :P

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@deeliman: Obviously due to my awesomeness! But seriously, I used to be overly nice to everyone, especially girls, since they're easier to talk to. Never really thought twice about it and would regularly compliment their new dress, new hairstyle, cheer them up when they were upset, go clothe shopping with them (what? I find it fun!) and that would often make them become interested in me, which wasn't mutual and most of them understood, but for a lot of the pretty ones, getting turned down is something they can't grasp, and some won't take a hint (or bluntness) in particular decided me saying no was just me playing hard to get which made me "really sexy"... -_- That one was a royal pain in the butt...but I never had to involve the police for those...for my wife though...when you have fans flying in from the other side of the world and tracking our address to stand at the door when we get that's fucked up...

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@korvus I have had kind of similar experiences with really pretty girls (wouldn't classify it as stalking, but maybe it wasn't to the extent that you've experienced). A lot of pretty Dutch girls are really arrogant, and couldn't imagine that ANYONE could turn THEM down. Usually I just get really angry with them and insult them in the meanest way possible. This might make me look like an asshole/douche, but if me telling her no/im not interested isn't enough to leave me alone, them what other option am I really left with? How did you get them to eventually leave you alone?

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@deeliman: Yeah, but that's where you have the advantage. If I had been born Dutch I could probably be a lot more blunt and measure my words less. In Portugal I was raised into a "women are queens" mentality, so while growing up I could never dare to disrespect a woman, even if she deserved it. Problems were mostly during my teenage years, I was eager to please everyone and wasn't very selective who I pleased (that sounded wasn't). The thing is, most girls I met were of the mind that a guy is only nice to you if he wants to do you, so instead of asking, they'd convince themselves I was interested and acted, being young and clueless, would miss all the cues and kept truckin'...You see, one side effect of the whole "women are queen" is that it imprinted in me the whole "fairytale romance" notion, which meant I was not interested in most of them (I never got into a relationship with a girl until I met my wife)...but all of my friends were see the mess, right? XD

Eventually I learned to be a bit more on the down low and make absolutely sure I wasn't sending the wrong message. After I got married though, I relaxed a bit...thought "Well, now I have a ring on my finger and I can't help mentioning my wife every hour, so I should be safe".....turns out, having a ring doesn't do jack shit against women =P

EDIT: As to how I got them to leave me alone...mostly time, waiting for them to stop obcessing and find someone, which took care of most of them (I managed to get a crap ton of stalkers during my brief stay in Facebook, even though all the chat occurred in my wall, so it should be obvious enough that I treated everyone the same, but someone all of them thought I treated them specially)...the rest...well, moving to a different country and them losing the means to find me helped XD

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@korvus Well, we took the whole women and men are equals thing very far here. It's not uncommon at all that you split the bill, or that even your gf pays. Girls would actually be considered gold diggers here if she doesn't at least some times offer to pay/ split the bill. So Dutch guys don't have that same mentality that you guys in Portugal have.

And about the ring thing, it makes women even more attracted to you than if you didn't have one. Because, in their subconscious, you being married means another women thought you were a suitable mate/ provider, and they will unconsciously think about you as such. Now luckily, most women have enough self control to not hit on/ make a move on a married men, but there are always girls who don't have that self control. But, luckily for your wife, you seem like a very nice guy who wouldn't even think about cheating, since you mention your wife in every other thread or so ;)

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I just realised we went way off topic lol. Sorry tc

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@deeliman: Yeah, I'm still learning the ropes here. In Portugal we take chivalry very seriously. Here it's a huge turn-on to some girls, but most of them seem positively lost on what I'm doing. Mostly I open the door to whoever is close by, or let them through first (men and women) and more often than not, they look at me like "what are you doing? Are you going out or not? You're just standing there holding the door.." and I actually have to tell them I'm holding it FOR THEM.

As for my wife, you guys are probably sick of me mentioning her, but I'm just so proud of her (and by extension, proud of myself XD)!

Anyway, I don't think we went that far off-topic...the topic was about the need for a gun against stalkers and our conversation has mainly been about how to deal with stalkers without guns =P

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@korvus That's because nobody really holds doors for one another here, so people are just not used to it. But to get back on the stalking issue, I don't understand why some Americans feel like guns are the be all end all solution to all problems. I have never felt the need to own a gun, and I don't know anybody who has. I also can't imagine a whole lot of situations where it is even handy to have a gun on you as a civilian, if you are threatened with a firearm you can be sure they won't let you grab something. If a store where you happen to shop at the time gets robbed, I'd imagine they'd point a gun at a hostage threatening to shoot them if anybody does anything.

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@deeliman: Yeah, that is confusing for me as well...I guess you have to do it preemptively in order to have time? How would that even work? You shoot somebody "just in case"? I guess it's a mentality/reality that Europeans have trouble understanding...guess you have to experience it for yourself.

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@korvus Isn't the official advice of most police dp to cooperate with the criminal if they have a weapon anyways? Well I guess you have the stand your ground law in America when you can use deadly force, no such thing here.

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Another gun in a college/school, just what the country needs....

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@deeliman: Yep, like I said, I don't even see policemen with guns most of the time...same thing in Portugal...they have their batons and handcuffs but that's mainly it. Haven't seen the police in any dangerous action here but in Portugal even against people with knives I've never seen a policeman reach for his gun, even if he has them. He either disarms them by hand or with the baton. I think we can't really comprehend the "At least one gun per household" situation...our cops would be royally fucked in the US, I think.

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@thegerg said:

"What thegerg surprisingly doesn't realize is that he would be removed from your property because of the crime of B&E."

You seem to be very confused

No, no confusion here.

@thegerg said:

I certainly d realize that, which is my point.

You need to rewrite this, as the lone "d" is messing with the flow of the sentence; and if you were trying to say "certainlyed", well, that's not a word.

@thegerg said:

Simply because X is protected by the constitution doesn't mean you can do X where ever, whenever, and however you want.

We already know that, but your example was irrelevant to airshocker's point.

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@StrifeDelivery: It's not irrelevant. He doesn't seem to understand that there exist numerous lawful examples of situations where one is disallowed to commit an act (in this case, possessing a firearm on private property) that would be allowed elsewhere.