An amazing new way to never be annoyed/offended1

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Hey guys, I just invented this groundbreaking new method on how to avoid every being annoyed/offended. It's called "don't listen". It can work anywhere at any time!

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That's pretty unrealistic. It's in our nature to be annoyed or offended by certain things (as much some people try to pretend that they don't get annoyed/offended) and we're always going to hear stuff that annoys/offends us. The trick is just to keep your annoyance/offense in perspective and not let it negatively impact your mindset/behavior.

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I find it very hard to believe that you're never annoyed or offended.

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I get annoyed when people walk really slowly in busy places, it has nothing to do with my ability to listen/not listen. Certain things are just annoying, its human nature.

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@always_explicit said:

I get annoyed when people walk really slowly in busy places.

Oh yes, that pisses me off as well haha!

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How about you listen and don't be annoyed.

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Add yelling blah blah blah real loud and covering your ears and you will counter their offence.

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it annoys the shit out of me when people dont use their turn signals.

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It's called not giving a shit.

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But why

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I have a god-given right to not be offended. I will be reporting your offence to the relevant authoritahs, and will make it known on social media outlets how outraged I am by you telling me to not be offended.

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I must be doing it wrong, because this topic annoys me.

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The greatest prison is caring what people think of you.

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@shadowkiller11 said:

It's called not giving a shit.

And this is it.

The standard situation goes like this: one guy does or says something, most people think it's awesome, then a small minority get annoyed or offended and speak their mind about it. Everyone else then turns to the small minority and acts as if they shouldn't have been annoyed or offended. They often take it a step farther and act as if the ability to get annoyed or offended is a negative trait.

And that is wrong, wrong, wrong. The backlash against the people who get annoyed or offended is in itself an act of being annoyed or offended. And the only reason that either side gets annoyed or offended is because they care. The second that people stop getting annoyed or offended is the second that they truly stop giving a $hit. And that is not a good thing. If you ever find yourself in that situation, where nothing annoys you or offends you, then you need to reevaluate your life because this means that nothing in your life matters. Never being annoyed or offended is NOT a good thing, and is not something that anyone should ever hope to achieve. Someone who never gets annoyed or offended is someone who literally doesn't give a $hit about anything, and that is a HORRIBLE trait to have.