Am I too young to wear suits?

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#101 Posted by wolverine4262 (18761 posts) -
Its way too hate to wear a suit voluntarily.
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I've heard that they can tell who the freshmen are because so many of them come to class every day all dressed up. Pretty funny, actually.

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Dress appropriately for the environment you're in. Wearing a suit to class is too much IMO.

#104 Posted by Dudersaper (32949 posts) -
@megagene said:
Being a 17 year old boy who wears a suit to class every day is as weird as a 40 year old man who wears a graphic tee, basketball shorts and Vans to weddings.


#105 Posted by isv666 (114 posts) -

I thought this was a newer topic, apparently not. Anyway, wearing a suit is a bit overkill, I think. Nice slacks and a buttoned shirt would look nice and professional. But if you insist on the suit route, make sure you get one that is stylish and actually fitted to you. Suits look a million times better when tailored to your body as opposed to just off the shelf.

#106 Posted by ExtremePhobia (227 posts) -

@Ricardomz: Even at the top notch schools (the Harvards and the Yales) students don't wear suits except possibly to very special events where most of the attendees will likely be Professors anyway. Wearing suits is not a sign of maturity as children have worn suits to church for quite a while now.

There's no reason that you CAN NOT wear a suit. Young men can look very good in suits. I would advise against it though simply because of society. Wearing a suit when you will be the only one out of likely thousands of people would be detrimental to your social image. Most people would likely think you're full of yourself or cocky for wearing a suit around college and especially to college (when you'd likely be moving things in a manner that is not conducive to wearing a suit). Clothing is always a statement and you should always consider what it says about you when you wear it. If you wouldn't be caught dead wearing jeans and a t-shirt to an event where everyone is wearing suits, why would you insist on the opposite?

That's not to say that you can't dress smart. Get a comfortable pair of boat shoes, a couple pair of understated slacks or khakhis and maybe a colored dress shirt. Roll up the sleeves and unbutton the top couple of buttons. It's a very Ivy League look and you won't stand out as much except to possibly professors who would likely look positively upon your outfit.

But most of all, remember that while your clothes are important, your personality is the most important. The difference between James Bond and a hot shot prick is that while both might wear a tux, one of them has the personality for it while the other doesn't.

#107 Posted by SUD123456 (4341 posts) -

Don't see what the upside is. Downside is inferior comfort to most other clothing options and far more concern over upkeep and even little things like spilling coffee, sitting outside on anything other than a chair, etc.

If you insist you will need a min of 10 suits or sports jackets. Black, blue, brown/tan, grey/silver are essentials plus whatever else matches your hair and skin coloring. And unless you live in a one season climate you will need at least 2 weights: spring/summer and fall/winter.

You will need at least 15 dress shirts, or more appropriately 1.5 times as many suits/jackets. You will want at least 2 looks per suit/jacket although some shirts can be used across multiple outfits. And you will need at least 2 ties for every proper suit, although there are plenty of times you can go tie less. Regardless, you will want to change it up. And you will need at least 3 pairs of proper dress shoes, although 5 or more would be preferable. Don't forget multiple overcoats for each season.

If you aren't prepared to own and maintain this inventory then I don't see the point. You don't want to be seen by the same people wearing the same things over and over again. Wearing a suit only occasionally to class would be the worst option. All or nothing on the class situation; otherwise just have one or two things to dress up for special occasions...not for going to class.

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A suit is far too formal for college, unless you are in business school.

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I've never been the one to wear suits.

#110 Posted by coolbeans90 (21305 posts) -

Do not overdress. People will not take you seriously.

#111 Posted by doolindesperado (296 posts) -

As long as you are happy, go for it. I enjoy wearing suits. I long for a job where I get to wear one everyday. @megagene Somebody dressed like that at a wedding I went to a few years back, the only differance was that he wore jeans and not shirts.

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@Ricardomz said:

Hello guys I am 17 years old and I am now entering college, I am like "starting a new phase on my life" and I would like to start wearing suits (it's actually a thing I have been loving to do for some time ago).

What do you suggest guys?

I also went through a phases like this and wore suites and around your age. My advice, wear it if you're be comfortable in them.

So to answer your question no, you're not too young. Old people can look sloppy and there no 'too old to wear a suit, just as young people can look sloppy, or casual or peppy or whatever, it's a choice anyone can make.

I think the only too young when it comes to attire is provocative dress.

#113 Posted by iampenguin (223 posts) -

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

Oscar Wilde

#114 Posted by Jake518 (217 posts) -

I don't think you're too young. I think wearing a suit looks good, but here's my advice: dress up for special occasions or for important class presentations (such as a final project). I'm a business student right now and most of us just wear the norm in Washington: jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies when it's cooler out. I've seen people wear a shirt, tie, and a pair of slacks to class before and didn't think anything of it nor did anyone give the person in particular any crap. You're gonna be in college now so people are gonna act more mature (well, at least the way they interact with people, we're still pretty immature in plenty of areas haha). Since you've mentioned that jeans and a t-shirt don't cut it for you, then wearing a nice dress shirt and a pair of slacks will be fine. To the number of posters who made various comments about fedoras: the original poster specifically mentioned that he wasn't gonna wear one.

#115 Posted by danny_dm_moore (293 posts) -

So your Barney from How I Met Your Mother?

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I wouldnt pay too much attention to the negative on here, style and having the guts to follow your own path can get you a long way. Anybody who judges you negatively for dressing smartly without getting to know you as a person isnt worth your time anyway.

It is possible to get some very casual suits. If you have the build for it id go with a slim fit suit, white shirt unbuttoned with no tie. Pointed shoes.

Whatever you do dont buy an expensive suit. I think its a really cool look but only on those guys that dont come across like they are trying too hard to make an impression. The fact your asking for other peoples opinions suggests to me your not 100% comfortable with the idea. If your not 100% comfortable then thats going to do way more damage than any suit can. Go to a clothes store, tell the pretty girls behind the counter you want a casual suit and let them do the hard work. Try it all on, see if its you. If it have found your look.

I dress differently, Im heavily tattooed wear t shirts with low neck lines and skinny jeans with chelsea boots. Some people dont like it but a lot more really do. Your young, part of being young is being able to look back at pictures of yourself in your teens and 20's and go WTF was I playing at.

TLDR; Girls like guys in a suit.

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Well everyone looks good in a suit, but don't wear one to class, you'll instantly becomes "that guy"

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I wear dress shirts, tucked out, with dress pants/jeans and a good wrist watch ( first copy of TAG Heuer, pretty cheap at 50$ IMO), a band on the wrist, and brown loafers/dress shoes.

It gives me the casual gentleman look, you should try it out. I've been wearing such an attire for over a year now, people don't seem to notice much and I actually look formal too if i tuck in my shirt, wear a belt and put on a tie.

ONLY wear suits when the dress code IS formal.

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Don't do it, you'll look ridiculous. This is coming from a female.

It'll make it seem like it's your first time being outside of the house and you are very confused as to what to do. Even if you start doing that and change your mind about it later, you'll forever be known as "that weird kid who wore suits to class."

@megagene said:
Being a 17 year old boy who wears a suit to class every day is as weird as a 40 year old man who wears a graphic tee, basketball shorts and Vans to weddings.

Also this. Just wear clothes.

EDIT: There are more ways to look classy than suits... just dress nicely. Tshirts and shorts might not be the way for you, but classy could be dress shirts, sweaters, ironed pants, nice shoes. Suits are very formal, and usually just for special occasions that are high-class and professional. College is not that place, at least not every day or even sometimes. Only occasionally.
in other words, you are being very naive and that will show if you choose to do this. Learn how to dress yourself well before just jumping to suits, assuming that will impress people.

#120 Edited by shellcase86 (1934 posts) -

No, not too young. But don't wear them to class everyday. That'll just overdue, and then after a few days no one would be impressed you were suits. Wear a suit once a month max (at school).

#121 Posted by sukraj (21585 posts) -

i hate wearing suits

#122 Posted by Kurezan (1850 posts) -

I'm of the opinion that dressing up in a suit during class will just make you look ridiculous. I don't think it necessarily has to do with your age, just the setting you are in at the time.

Perhaps pursue a career in which you are expected to wear a suit?