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So two weeks back, I finished all of my exams and officially finished college... I have a 3.93GPA, honors designation, and what have you...

I lived in an on-campus apartment run by the university my entire four years of undergraduate (cheap compared and other apartments and paid for by my loans)... Despite filling out the required forms to withdraw from the university and my housing contract due to graduation, I was still being charged for spring housing towards the end of the semester... I called and asked about it and they told me the charge would be removed from my account when I checked out and turned in my keys...

I checked out, turned in my keys, and like they said, the charge for the room was removed... I still had $400 fee for communication and residential activities, however... I called and asked about it on Monday of the previous week... They said not to worry about it, that the charge lags and will be removed later... I said OK and didn't think anything of it... I look again to see how everything is progressing since I have yet to receive my diploma, and low and behold the charge IS STILL THERE... Not only that, though, but the payment for this "laggy" charge that I am not even supposed to pay is LATE, and they have placed a hold on my student account which is preventing my diploma from being released...

I mean what the actual feck...?

Obviously I am going to call and complain about this, but how can a major university (one of the largest public state universities in the country with several billion dollars in endowments) make a mistake such as this?

I just wanted to vent and inquire.

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yea, dude. fuck trusting some people's word on the phone. I got screwed by AT&T recently for an error in billing because they said this and gave me that. oh, but whatever, we're so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, right?

Also, not thinking anything of it, like you said, is weaksauce, bro. You gotta plow 'em hard until that shit is taken care of.