Advice on whether I should change my major

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Im going through the sophomore mid college crisis. When I first enrolled I was a psychology major and loved it, but then I switched to business. This past semester was rough for me because I did not know what I wanted to do, and my lack of motivation caused my grades to slump. After some life experiences I realized I want to get into health care administration. I am at a cross roads though because with either degree(psychology/business) I could get into my field with a masters. But I am trying to decide which one would be more of a sure bet. I have also considered double majoring in psychology/international business but my school has a tiff with double majorng in non similar fields.

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So it seems you're dead set on getting into health care administration. If what you're saying is true that you can get a master in that field after having finished a BA in either business or psychology, you still need to decide on what you want to do within that field. Given how those two choices are radically different than each other, I imagine that they will eventually lead to two completely different careers after finishing a master in health care administration. I'd say with a BA in business you'll most likely have a managerial or administrative career in the field and with a BA in psychology you may have a career that is more related to medicine and psychiatry.

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do what makes you happy, but also be practical.

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The health care industry is always growing and it's unlikely to have a job shortage any time in the near future. If that's what you're passionate about, go for it.

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i am actually majoring in health science administration, which is essentially health care administration. I love it. i started college as a business major, then went to occupational therapy, then discovered health science. luckily I did it all within my first year and a half so it didn't really set me back. i graduate this coming May.

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@4myAmuzumament said:

do what makes you happy, but also be practical.

Dat ^

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Thanks for the replies, I think I will go into it with the psycholog degree. Many people with psych degrees go on to be head executives at hospitals. My main goal is to start my own clinic.

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If you're studying psychology, don't forget to volunteer and look for research assistant positions; they're much more valuable than having straight A grades.

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I would go with business. Just take a deep breath and think. You gotta put hours into your thinking, nothing better than giving some thoughts to stuff. And don't be shy about a 5th year, remember that this decision will stay with you for the rest of your life. Think about it.

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if you loved psychology, why did you switch?

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Study applied mathematics!

Best field ever!

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I would change. it is the rest of you life (or at least a while) and you should do what you want.

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good luck getting a job with a psychology degree

international business is a little better but still not great

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I don't know how good this method is, but there are those "tests" that you could fill out and see what comes out. I'm talking about those tests that you fill out and tell you possibly what you like to do, what you're good at, your personality, preferences, etc. However, I suspect they might not always be reliable, so you should do research about them first.

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the modern day people who are running hospitals have masters in health science. if that is what you want to do, that is the major you should go for. i think there are too many people with psych degrees, you wouldn't stand out. but hey, who am I to say what you can and can not do. major in whatever you love and go for it. i love learning about the health care system and the health field in general, that's why I am doing it.

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@lostrib said:

if you loved psychology, why did you switch?

I enjoy business too, and I was thinking of job prospects.