Actresses that Go Nude on Film or Have (Accidentally) Shown Their Privates

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I like your sig and avi :D MadVillian right?
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blu do you have autism or a similar disorder?
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I like your sig and avi :D MadVillian right?

Thanks man :D

Yeah it's the Madvillainy cover for the sig and DOOM doing something ranndom in the avy.

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The problem with nudity and lack of nudity is it's unrealistic at times. Like people would undress for no particular reason or they would go to great lengths to cover themselves up. If nobody is in your house why are you being so precautiouswhen in the shower?

And the L shaped sheets dilemma
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I'm indifferent in that I don't think their behavior is worthy of moral praise or blame. However, I personally do appreciate them for obvious reasons.


coming from you; this sentence deeply confuses me

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I liked the shot, but lost respect for her.


I would find it very hard to respect someone who would lose respect for an actress over something so petty. Then again, I also can't bring myself to even say I respect any actors/actresses in the first place, considering that I've never met anyone famous, and know nothing about them outside of the characters they portray in movies, and do pass any level of judgment on a person based on that is completely asinine.

But if, for whatever reason, you did have personal respect for an actress, her doing a nude scene is no reason to lose it. It's entertainment, and there's nothing wrong with the naked body. At all. By any stretch of the imagination.

Unless they're fat and nasty. Then, of course, there's something wrong with the naked body.

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OP how do you feel about porn?


I love porn, but I think of the participants as trashy.

if it's trashy to be in, is it trashy to watch?